Costume Progress Lost

I have a Boldtusk costume that I’ve been feeding. Attached to one Boldtusk it shows progress; moved to my leveled hero, it shows at 1.1. Please fix.



Sadly costumes have to be leveled separately for every duplicate hero.

I made the same mistake, leveld it on a baby dupe first until I realized, that those feeders were waisted.


I get what you’re saying, but is that how it’s supposed to work? My read of the FAQ says no… but I could be wrong.

Yes, that’s the intended behavior.

Costume progress will be saved separately for every hero. You only need 1 costume for multiple heroes, but every hero and the costume have to be leveld up to use its potential on multiole duplicate heroes.

Maybe my avoid that mistakes thread will guide you.


Back to my first post. Small Giant, PLEASE FIX.

And thanks Olmor.

If you don’t need the dupe, feed it to the costume when dressed to the target hero. This dupe will give a lot more xp due to its costume progress. I did that with Brienne.


Based on what @Olmor educated you on, what is left to fix?

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That is apparently how it works. Should it be?

Yes. The whole costume idea is a little misleading if you try to make too much sense out of it. You get one costume and it is available to every copy of that hero. Each copy of that hero gets a copy of the costume. Each copy of the hero has to level up the costume individually.

I’m sorry you ran into this. I had the same experience with my Hawkmoon costume, but I discovered my mistake a lot sooner. I guess it’s better than needing a costume for each copy of your hero, but I wish it had been explained more clearly in the beginning.


It actually makes sense. If you think about the costume as the ability to learn a whole new class, then each hero will have to individually learn that second class. The costume is just the thing that allows you to learn that new class’s abilities.

You’re leveling the class, not the costume itself.

As such, there’s nothing to fix

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We can agree to disagree on that.

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