Costume production

I want costume production on some SH24/SH25 building.

It should produce costume without hero for reasonable cost (1 4* ascension mat for 5* costume, 1 3* unfarmable ascension mat for 4* costume and 1 3* farmable ascension mat for 3* costume for example) along with millions of iron. Costume should be random of requested rarity.
Time of production should be something like 3d.

Or maybe do not consume unfarmable mats, but just use millions of iron and farmable 3* mats for TC20-like odds for costumes only.

Being costumes are fairly new and only had say one set of costumes really is the new lot coming out next week?
It could be a while before any become available into a training camp. If they add any more additional tc21 etc I could actually see costumes being before S2 hero’s.

I actually propose this on a HA thread to HA, but I think than costumes will come after a HA to TC-like building.

And probably won’t bee available for a while, probably not until all costumes are made and then they may milk it for a bit longer.
Realistically probably next year.

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It will be not good(( TC heroes really needs an upgrade with these Telly tanks around. She is devastating on def and good on offence)

People will still spend on costumes epically if they new and decent! And the costumes deal is normally cheap aswell plus the freebie you get aswell.
If the costumes are decent people will pull for them!

Yes) But some people pull for Joon and Marjana for example, and they already on TC20)

And in November people does not want to spend on costumes without heroes, so for me costumes without heroes is good for f2p or c2p like me.

There was a thread aswell about pulling for just the costume and not the hero at a cheaper cost.
Also people will spend on costumes I never have as c2p as rather spend elsewhere

Costumes is a best portal now, I think, because there is a 100% chance to a non-TC hero)

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This is what I proposed in another thread recently:

Logically, we need a tailor shop to produce costumes. :slight_smile: Similar to a training camp. May be we can place several different heroes that need costume there and in some time (two days, 3 days) one of them randomly gets a costume at some cost.

May be it can trade duplicate heroes for their costumes in some building. I think it is a good option that will give players a chance of getting rid of duplicated s1 5*s and get desired costumes for remaining heroes.


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