Costume not applying to multiple heroes - [not a bug, working as intended]

I had a max lvl Bane
I levelled a Bane costume to max
Now I have just levelled a 2nd Bane
The costume bonus is not applying to him

I do have 2 extra unlevelled Bane costumes

I suspect if I feed the unlevelled Bane costumes to my Li Xiu costume then it will work? I can try it.

As a former software developer this seems very much like a bug to me. 1 costume is supposed to apply to all heroes but clearly it isn’t always working. If you want me to try feeding the unlevelled Bane costumes away I can report the results back.

You have to level it on each copy of the Hero.

You can use the same Costume repeatedly, but you have to level it each time.


Did you level up the costume on the 2nd bane? Screenshots of 2nd bane would be helpful.

What @zephyr1 said

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Wow that makes absolutely no sense to me. Did they intend that? I read the FAQ and that was never apparent to me. Hmmm, really bizarre design imo. Why would you have to level the same costume multiple times?

Still feels like a bug to me.

Not a bug.

Like zephyr said, you have to level the costume separately for each copy of the same hero you have. You only need 1 copy of the costume. The other 2 costumes can be used as feeders.

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Hmmm. That’s poor design imo. Very illlogical and will cause constant confusion for users the first time they encounter this situation.

Logically how can you level the same thing multiple times? It’s either fully levelled or not.

It should be changed so that you only ever have to level a costume once imo.

@Petri @mhalttu

Is this actually intended by the developers? It’s by far the most confusing and illogical thing I’ve encountered about costumes. I think this is going to come up again and again in the future because it doesn’t logically make any sense.

I have 1 costume. I’ve already levelled it. It makes no sense to have to level it again.

It’s a real head scratcher from a design perspective imo. I’d love to get clarification on if they actually intended it to be this way (and so confusing) or if it’s an unintentional bug or design.

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Maybe the wording should be changed: Each hero has to be leveled with the costume (not leveling the costume but the hero).

You can think of it as training a hero to use new equipment. You’re not training the equipment, but rather the underlying hero using it. Each one can learn to use the same set of equipment, but they each still need to put in the necessary training.


It’s quite logical to me. Each costume needs to be leveled for each hero whether it’s a duplicate hero or not.

I like this explanation.

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Unfortunately yes it is intended by the developers…

Also is highly unlikely to change, however you are welcome to create a #ideas-feature-requests thread to the effect. Again, unlikely to change regardless of the votes as that has been a key & consistent feature through both live releases AND all beta test releases…


I look at it as a pattern/design/template rather than an actual costume so each hero has to turn that into a costume, which they can then level up.

The logical hoops we have to jump through to make this design decision make any sort of sense prove to me at least how illogical it is.

But whatever, if it’s intended it’s intended and they probably will never change it.

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