Costume Melendor See-through...?

The bottom of Costime Melendor’s cloak is see-through

You can see the “ring” of his element thingy through the cloak… Also apparently he has no legs… :man_shrugging:


We also need urgent clarification as to the correct terminology for this piece of graphics.


I want to call it a base (like used in model figurines) but… It’s not really solid… :man_shrugging:


(insert element) Hero’s Hitbox?

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Elemental plinth?

tenor (1)


The emperor has no clothes.

The ring itself is a placeholder.

The heroes themselves don’t actually exist.

Nor do I.

I’m not supposed to be posting here, I just found this thread to be amusing. And I also noticed that Mel’s costume leaves little to the imagination. It’s clearly his “night wear”. Which to many, might also be considered a nightmare. But if you ask me, that old dude is rocking those robes. I can only hope that I look half that good when I’m 500 years old.


Lots of the female characters are fighting in lingerie, maybe it’s an attempt at equality :woman_shrugging:


Why not just an elemental platform?

Also, are they implying that Mel’s costume makes him invisible? Does he have new superpowers that we should be made aware of?

If so, can mine do the same?

Very odd. Can’t see the legs. Not sure what an elemental thingy is but I can clearly see his staff.

He is a wizard. Magic is crazy

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Thank you for the report. We’ll investigate this here!


Found a similar one:

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Lol there’s three in that one…

LotL looks like she has no legs (awkies) like Melendor Costume (above) did…

Both Alfrike and Frida you can see the line thru their legs…

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