Costume lvl % chance

Like hero’s should have a 25% chance to lvl. This is clearly not the case with costumes. Brienne in costume (fully leveled normal Brienne) and costumed Brienne lvl 1 = 6% chance?Screenshot_20191119-175044|281x500

Try a duplicate Brianne costume. This is 50%.

You’re not levelling the HERO up, just the costume. Why would feeding a costumed HERO give a boost to the COSTUME special skill level-up?

It’s a subtle difference but I suspect that is the logic behind the design.
Also, not a Bug as it is by design :slight_smile:

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I get the idea of leveling the costume, not the hero. If you try using a costume to level a costume, you get an insane amount of experience. With a 3* hero this is counter productive. You want greatest percent chance with minimal exp until you max, or risk not maxing. It sucks you don’t get the 25%. I guess I will color match 10 2* at a time.

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Personally, because of the reduced feeder & food cost, im just maxing the costume & then worrying about the special skill at the end.

You’ll still come out ahead doing it that way.


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