Costume Lord Loki - SNEAK PEEK

SPECIAL ABILITY : the caster calls forth one of his allied beings (random). Each being brings different effects to the battlefield. They cant be dispelled or their effects, but they go away if the caster dies or under effect of mindless attack. If the caster casts again during duration of first being, new being replaces. Effects of beings are additive to normal special abilites (for example buffs)

  • Jormungandr (giant snake) : On arrival, he breathes corrosive poison on all enemies enemies. They recieve 120 poison dmg each turn and they get a - 5% defense down stack. For the next 4 turns, deals 200% initial dmg to one target.

  • Sleipnir (8 legged horse) : On arrival, all allies get 15% mana gain. For the next 4 turns, all allies gain small amount of mana each turn and the caster gains 10% mana after casting an ability.

  • Feinrir (wolf) : On arrival, all enemies are feared by his howl (25% miss on special abilites and 25% miss on allied effects for 4 turns. During next 4 turns, if any enemy drops bellow 30% HP, there is 50% chance, Feinrir lunges at the target and kills it, healing Lord Loki for the dmg dealt.

Normal Lord Loki is already full of fun and surprises, costume is hopefully achieving similar effect and bringing some new mechanic :slight_smile:

All those beings are situational and can affect battlefield on their own, but combining their specials at the right time, can bring an amazing gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you all think? Will SG listens to this idea? :slight_smile:

Loki costume is a 5* kalo


How do you know? Is he in beta already? :slight_smile:

Most costumes are the reverse of their originals.

  1. 80% chance to copy target ability
  2. 20% chance to copy all enemy Ally abilities

This is fun

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Well thought! I like this special. Its interesting and at least all the beings are helpful. No no-ops being or no negative being that affects him or his allies.

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This is not bad either… way simpler and it seems like something they would consider for its simplicity lol

The costume can just copy whatever is the last special skill cast (enemy or ally).