Costume leveling seems to go against stated rules

To be honest, I have no idea how this is supposed to work.

I currently have 4 Rigards, one fully maxed and the rest at level 1. I also have 2 Rigard costumes that i managed to get. To play around with the new costume features, I leveled a single Rigard costume to level 2 (first ascension still).

The rules stated that the costume level can never be higher than the hero it is equipped on.

So can somebody please explain to me this:

  1. How is it possible that a Rigard 1-1 can equip a costume that is 1-2
  2. Why is it that of the 3 Rigard 1-1s I have, only 1 of the Rigards can equip that 1-2 costume? The others equip 1-1 costume.
  3. When I equip the costume on the maxed Rigard, why does it equip a 1-1 costume, not the 1-2?
  4. If you are able to level different costumes, then why can’t I select which “leveled” costume I want for whichever Rigard? I would’ve thought with 2 Rigard costumes, each Rigard would be able to shuffle through both costumes.


Please read the costumes FAQ.


Yes I already did read that, it still hasn’t answered any of the 4 questions I asked, with the first being the most important cuz it states in the E&P description for costumes that a Costume level can never be higher than the hero equipping it. But then the max rigard should be able to access the 1-2 costume

I have two Sonyas, both at 1-1 and one costume. I can equip the costume to both.

Now I leveled my costume to 1-4. So now my Sonya is still at 1-1without costume and at 1-4 with costume.

My second Sonya is also still at 1-1 without the costume, but with costume she is also at 1-1.

So I can confirm what you stated above with some more details, because I have no leveled Sonya (compared to your rigard):

A costume lvl can be higher than the original hero lvl.
A costume needs to be leveled for each hero separate.

I guess this is a bug, as it does not behave as discribed.

You need only one costume for multiple duplicate matching heroes. Costumes are a kind of option to improve certain heroes.

You have to level each dressed hero individually. The progress of the costume will be saved separately to each hero.


I think the costume can’t be a different ascension than the hero. I don’t think it is the actual level. For example you can have a 1-1 sonya and a 1-40 costume for sonya. But cannot ascend the costume before the normal sonya.

I have 3 BT and 1 costume. 2 maxed and 1 at 60. The only leveled costume is on the one I initially chose. The other 2 sit at 1-1 for the costume.

So the initial selection of the hero matters if you have duplicates. You can use the same costume on multiple dupes but each has to be leveled on the others.


Why is it that the easy answer from members and those above members “please read” or “do a search”? To me that or this is way more than offensive to the reply… “you could have googled that too” reply…

because it has been discussed and said before.

I do technical support for my job. I copy and paste for customers all the time so they get all of the information rather than my summary which may not cover everything. It just works better than summarizing and entire thread or conversation.

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If there is an already existing source of information to answer frequent questions, why not point to it?


Thank you both for pointing this out. I flagged the announcement post with the issue, and hopefully they will get the wording corrected. I believe the correct behavior is:

Hopefully they will address it soon.


Thanks. I read it somewhere but don’t remember where. Think it may have been @zephyr1 that gave the information.

Trying to read a lot and keep my flags down to be a regular

#lifegoals :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was covered in the beta beat, but I don’t expect most forum goers to be up on that. The problem is the main post Introducing Hero Costumes! has the level wording instead of ascension, so even though we know it’s working as expected, it’s not working as documented. I’m guessing that being in customer service, you deal with that scenario often :wink:


You have no idea. Just about everyday.

3D printers and CNC machines haha…lil bundles of joy


I edited the announcement post, thanks for the heads up!


It actually answers most of your questions.

The costume can be levelled beyond the base hero but not beyond it’s ascension point. This is covered in the FAQs.

You have to level each costume individually… Again, covered in the FAQs

Again, you have to level each costumed hero individually… Leveled costumes are hero card specific and are not transferable. Again, answered in the FAQs.

Finally, again, costumes are hero card specific. non transferable. each one MUST be levelled individually…

I also have a question about the costume, I have a fully maxed Melendor and I have three all together, two have costumes and have one at 1-40 but it will not let me ascend him. What is wrong? I have a maxed one which is what I thought you had to have in order to make the costume work, or does it have to be on the maxed one in order to work?

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Costume ascension is based on the hero that is equipping it.

Assuming you have 2 Melendors (1 maxed and another at tier 2):

  • Maxed Melendor allows you to max the costume at tier 4
  • Tier 2 Melendor only allows the costume to be the same and that is tier 2 (2/50 maxed)
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Two things going on:

  1. Each costume must be levelled individually. Levelled costumes are NOT transferrable
  2. Each costume CANNOT be ascended beyond the point of the base hero… If the base hero is 1/1, the costume can’t go to ascension 2 until the base hero is at ascension 2.

In order to max the costume, your base hero has to be at the max ascension. In the example of your Melendor, the BASE Melendor that the SPECIFIC costume is on must be at least 4/1 for the costume to go to 4/70.

Its written above but there is a FAQ’s thread about costumes:

Also a thread about levelling costumes:

And finally a “Common Mistakes” thread about costumes:


I think I have found a costume bug. I have levelled up Sonya Viking costume to level 40 but I have her skills still on level 1 of 8. Ascend won’t work as the message is that it won’t ascend as it needs to be level 2. However I can’t work on that as Level is now greyed out

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Hiya @Winbod

Not a bug. There are a number of threads about this including a major one with FAQs about costumes and Levelling Costumes.

Most recent one that I answers this very question is here:

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