Costume Level Up - Experience and Materials Required + Experience Gained via Feeding

Costume Levelling!!!

Updated per Version 29 Release Notes & update

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The following thread is a summary of:

  • Requirements to level up a Costume
    • Food
    • Ascension Materials
    • Experience
  • Experience & Special Skill gains in feeding various heroes & costumes
  • Costume Bonus improvements with levelling up.

Summary Graphic

Click for Summary Graphics (by @Grimtutor)

Experience Gained by Feeding - Costumes & Heroes

A unique feature to the costumes is that you can feed both Trained Heroes OR duplicate costumes you pulled. These costumes give a massive boost in the experience that you earn.

Special Skill Likelihood (%) to Increase

Thanks to @DGERic for confirming a couple of the SS chances.

It’s worth noting that, same as a hero, if the Costume max levels but the Special Skill is not, any further feeding gets a 5x multiplyer on the Special Skill going up. So a 1* on colour feeder goes from 2% to 10% chance of increasing the special skill.

Interesting note, thanks to @Ser_Dit, we now know that feeding a costumed hero doesn’t give any benefit to the Special Skill, still just 6% (i.e. feed a costumed Brianne to another costume Brianne still gives 6% SS chance).

Experience Required - Each Ascension Tier & In Total.

I tracked the Exp for levelling Hawkmoon in Tier 1 from level 1 to level 20 against some previous work done by @MuaaDip and @bruceforte (there work Here). It matched up perfectly.
So with that, I am assuming that the Exp requirements for levelling a costume continue to track and as such are below.
Also included is Approximately how many TC11 trainings you need to complete to max a costume.

Ascension Material Requirements!

Information provided by many people so THANKS!!!

Costume Bonus Increases

Costume bonus increases with the Ascension Level of the Costume. Below graphic is in Percentage and the order is Attack, Defence, HP and Mana Bonus. Bonus is applied to the base stats of the costume & hero.

Misc. Stuff:

Reduced Food cost for levelling up a Costume found here by @Gryphonknight

Costume FAQ’s


Hero Level Up Calculation by @Gryphonknight

Thanks to @Gryphonknight for his post Here for filling in all the blanks & giving the general Exp rules!

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Found this post by @Gryphonknight. Will update my stuff with some of his numbers.

XP values for leveling costumes using feeders across all rarities

Update 2:

Leveling experience required tracks exactly with the values in the above sheet

I’ve tracked a 3* from level 1-20 and it matches perfectly. I’d say it’s safe to assume the total exp required for a costume is the same as the normal hero to get to max.


Another great resource from @Gryphonknight regarding food cost:
Required Experience and Food calculator for any hero


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There are no bonuses from eating same hero, in both forms.

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Check these two threads. One is a FAQ about Costumes. Other is about levelling up a Costume.

@zephyr1, @littleKAF or @Rook. Merge into this thread:

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I see 25% for hero duplicate

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Will update the graphics soon.

Was an assumption based on the behaviour of the other heroes.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Another update!

This graphic has been floating around:

It is WRONG!! At least in terms of the Ascention mats required for leveling a 4* to final.

The rest of it seems correct.

E.g. using Rigard:

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What about emblems? I read today that once you have your custom at maximum level, if you have the heroe with emblems, so automatically your custom will have the same emblems level, without spendig any emblems on it… but what about if you don’t have any emblem spend on the origianl hero? can we upgrade the talents of the custom?

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You can only upgrade the original hero. But those emblems get applied to the costumes hero following the same path.


@Ser_Dit If you want the huge xp boost, you have to feed the duplicate costume. You do not get the same if you consume a dupe hero with the costume on.

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Gryphonknight’s 2.54 is approximate. So some of the values you have in the table are incorrect.
3* Costume on color should be 4800
4* Costume on color should be 6900
4* Costume off color should be 4600

Also, on the special skill %, I confirmed that:
3* Costume off color is 3%
4* Costume off color is 4%
^^ I.e. same as the Hero percentages.
4* Costume duplicate is 50%

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20 chars

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Uhh that makes it more difficult to track the ascension items…not only a costume is counted, but for needed materials: on how many heroes will it be maxed and for used material: on how many heroes is it maxed…

Thank you for those very helpful postings!

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