Costume Keys Drop Rates?

Ok, so this post originates from a little whining within my head but ends up with a honest question.

In the short time between the patch and a moment that the costume chamber was back I received 3 costume keys from various sources. After the costume event ended, I haven’t received any more up to this time. First my brain started shouting ‘stealth nerf’. But I guess it’s just RNGesus doing his stuff.

But in the end, I’m honestly interested. Is anyone tracking costume keys drop rates from various sources?
@BarryWuzHere , @Garanwyn heard about anyone?


I personally have not been tracking but I’ve received three from a dark chest this morning and five altogether since the event ended.


I guessed it’s just RNG playing tricks on me but RNG is usually the thing that makes you want to post on forums the most :smiley:
But the question about data is still my main issue.

Hey @Grahm,

Since the costume chamber closed, I´ve received 7 keys from the following places:

  • 3 keys from a Nature elemental chest (1 chest with 3 keys! :slight_smile:);
  • 2 keys from Mistic Vision;
  • 1 key from War chest;
  • 1 key from Raid chest.

I don´t know the drop rate, but I´m sure someone has already started a project to track it down! :slight_smile: :smile:


I got 4 keys in the first week the costume key update came out.

None afterwards (other than from an elemental chest, where, so far it seems, has a 100% drop rate at at least 1 key (and possibly as high as 3 keys))

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For me, three keys from elemental chests (1 each in three chests). One from a MV, one from a wanted chest, and I think also one from a war chest. Not sure that tells you much about the drop rates, but I can tell you these all dropped after the most recent masquerade quest ended, so you are probably just on a run of bad luck.


I had 3 left from the costumes event (from finishing the last stage of the Masquerade) and didn’t get any more before the events end. Since then, I’ve acquired 2 more keys, one from an Ice Chest, and one from MV. The descriptions says Alliance War chests, Costume Quests, and Wanted Missions. By wanted missions, I assume that means Monster / Raid / Titan Chests.

I haven’t gotten any keys from regular monster / raid / titan chests, but they should drop there, by description. About the only constant is that they seem to show up in Elemental Chests in the last loot slot.

Don’t think they drop from Titan battles or even Rare Titans though, or at least I haven’t seen them and they aren’t listed in the description.



I just edited my post after checking my prints, it was a war chest, not titan chest (though it may be possible to get keys from there). I´m going to upload some pictures in a while…

Screenshot_20200126-210112675 Screenshot_20200131-164253404 Screenshot_20200131-164314979

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I received 3 Keys from war chest ,one from MV and one from elemental chest .

Got a few from mystic visions about 3 of the top of my head! 2 from a fire chest.

@Dudeious.Maximus, @Arthur-O please all of you guys if you can contribute to the elemental project it would be excellent

i can post What ever keys I get on here for yah cool! :+1:

I mean, just if you can look at this project, maybe you will want to contribute Elemental Project

Did read that actually! Before. I’m not good with paper work! Keeping track of everything would probably do my head in! But I appreciate what your trying to do.

I’ve gotten 2 from MV, 2 from rare titan and 1 from a chest.

Since it closed, I’ve gotten:

3 from Ice chest
1 from monster chest

Right after I wrote this lol

I’ve gotten 7 since it ended, don’t fully remember the sources but definitely got one from Mystic Vision which is nice.

7 on one account and 8 on the other. Elemental chest gave one, one for each account from MV…not sure about the others.

I have gotten 4 keys since the end of the event. 3 from Mystic Vision and 1 from the heroes chest. I have 5 now.

Maybe i will pull something besides a 3 star.

I’ve got a handful of keys from mystic vision and chests, if I recall correctly.

Personally I’m not interested in tracking it since I can’t really control it by how I play the game — the things that drop them I am already trying to get as many as I can for other loot, not just costume keys.

I’m going to guess from non-scientific observation that odds are low (<10%, likely much less) so RNG noise will be significant.


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