Costume Joon Stat Differences

I received a Joon Costume during the very first release of Costume Chamber which says it has a max power of 753. I’m looking at the current Costume Chamber, and I’m noticing the Joon Costume stats says a max power of 793. Is this simply a display issue, or is the Joon Costume I received actually underpowered? I haven’t maxed him out yet, but I would hate to use my resources to find out…


You have to max the costume & the hero to get the full power amount and all the costume bonuses. The specials for costume and hero have to be 8/8 as well.

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Sorry which picture is which? And when / where in game were they taken?

This graphic shows the costume power as of the most recent builds. All levelled costumes (when maxed) should reflect this power.


Both screenshots were taken today.

Joon with max power of 753 was taken from my “Inventory” screen under the “Costumes” section. Then clicking the “?” button on the top right of the Joon costume icon.

The Joon with max power of 793 was taken from the “Costume Summon” screen where you can get new summons.

I would imagine if the stats change with new builds, they would be globally updated?

Your top image does not include the costume bonus shown on the left…the icon is missing and it does not have the equip option at the bottom.

So it looks like a display issue only.


Yes this is the reason!!

Was just coming to post haha

The full 793 is including of the maxed costume bonus +5% attack, defence & mana & 10% HP

The 753 would be if you (impossibly) managed to max the costume without getting the costume bonus…

Bit silly really seeing as you cannot level the costume to max and NOT Get the costume bonus…

It’s the same for all other costumes when comparing the PATTERN in your inventory to the COSTUMED HERO shown in the summons portal.

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Thanks JonahTheBard and Guvnor!

I feel better knowing I actually don’t have an underpowered costume. lol


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