Costume heroes not appearing in costume roster

I have several Tyrum and Rigard that are not appearing in my costume roster. I’d like to use them to level up costume heroes, but they’re not available. See screen shots.

Costumes and costumed heroes are two different things. You can level up multiple costumed heroes using the same costume. That does not give you multiple costumes though.

If I understand correctly what you are asking, then you need to switch to the heroes

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Costumes are confusing

There are Costume patterns ( available from Costume chamber) which can only be used to level up Costume outfits ( see below).

You cannot use the last copy of a Costume pattern.

Last Boldtusk Costume pattern:

There are Base heroes with a Costume outfit available.

Which will show first/ default costume or second/ chamber costume outfit depending on the setting.

Boldtusk shown as two base heroes set to second ( chamber ) costume outfits and two base heroes set to first ( default ) costumes.

Base heroes cannot be naked.

Base heroes, even with a leveled costume outfit, do not get the Costume pattern leveling bonus for leveling Costume outfits ( confused yet?)

See also

(Hero Costume FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions)

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If you look at the screen shots, I have 4 Rigards in my hero roster, all equipped with costumes. I want to feed them to another costumed hero to level it up very fast. However, my Rigards are not appearing in the roster when I press the ‘costumes’ button. Why aren’t the Rigards available to feed?

When I press the “costumes” tab it shows one Rigard and its marked as the “last copy of this costume”. But I have 4 Rigards, so something is not right. I have the same issue with Tyrum. I have seven Tyrums, but the ‘costumes’ tab says I have one and it’s the last copy. I’m not clear on why this is.

That tab you are pressing is the costume PATTERN tab.

Using the pattern you make a costume for each hero, this is what is shown on each of your rigards.

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