Costume Hero Emblems

When a costumed hero is reset, we get back the emblems from the hero but not from the costume. Shouldn’t we get the emblems from the costume, as well?

You don’t put emblems on costume, you only put them on basic hero and both will get emblem path so no, that woukd be way to double emblems


You didn’t used the emblems for the costumed hero. Why would the game give them back ?


What do you mean when you say you don’t use them?

They are different from each other, so the game considers them as two sets. I had to level up the hero and the costume both separately. If the costume leveled up with the hero it would be different. But they are considered two separate things. So if I put the effort in to get them both leveled up completely and they use different emblems from each other, then there are two different sets in use.

Yes, you have to level them both, but you can’t put emblems on the costume hero, so you can’t get any “costume emblems” back

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Yes that’s true. But the emblems are played as two separate sets. I think it is not entirely unreasonable to therefore treat them as two separate sets when they are reset.

I don’t see a reason why you should get ~500 free emblems for a 4* reset or even ~1200 for a 5* reset lol


You’re not using two sets to emblem the costume, whatever emblems you add to the main hero are simply mirrored on the costume.


Well they aren’t exactly mirrored, as they aren’t even the same type and they actually do something. They have a function that is used. I would like to use that existing function somewhere else.

I can think of several reasons why. It is after all a game, and the rules can be whatever the creators and/or owners decide they are. It might well be to their benefit to allow some freebies in this area as there are many dissatisfied players who believe Zynga has ruined the game in order to increase profits. I don’t see any reason a player would argue against it. I read all the dissatisfaction with the game on these pages. This would be an easy way for Zynga to gain a little good will.

The forum is a really really small bubble of all overall players in this game… So just because some ppl are venting here this change wouldn’t adress the real problems of the game^^ it’s just a small number of the whole player base

And no, I see many many other things that should and could be changed, but this one makes really zero sense imo


I think the other posters above have answered the way the game currently works. It seems like you’re exploring this more as an idea so I suggest you create a topic in the ideas thread. That way it can be addressed more appropriately.


That would be like buying a pair of shoes for £50 and then asking for a refund of £50 for each shoe you return :thinking:


I hope this is a troll post.
If this is a serious post than it would be worthwhile to spend a little time to learn how emblems work with costumes.

I have costume joon +20. His normal version is monk and costume is fighter. Players are unable to use fighter emblems on the costume. You must use monk emblems on the original version. To get the desired nodes on the costume in the fighter talent tree you must plan your path. If I add monk emblems to nodes on the right in the normal talent path then the nodes on the right in the fighter path are also now equipped.
You get both classes emblemed with only the cost of one talent tree. That’s your freebie. Having both classes emblemed. No way should I receive 1500 monk emblems and 1500 fighter emblems if I chose to reset my joon.



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Even if this is posted under the category of an Ideas & Feature Request, it is such a bad idea as players like me who have hoarded tons of iron and food can exploit this feature and have all my heroes (literally all my heroes: rare, epic and legendary) to have full emblems. If I think I can do it, so would be others, especially the paying costumers who can buy all the reset using gems.

So, a big NO from me.


Hmmm. So anyone you disagree with gets called a troll, laughed at and spoken down to.
If I were a troll my posts would be less polite. Yes that whole problem of having to use the same paths has been discussed on here before.

It’s a reset. One hero gives them up.

What you are asking for is a feature that converts one type of emblem to another. We don’t have that currently. What comes in must go out.

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