Costume Grimm vs ametrine

I am a low-mid level player. I gave barbarian emblems to ametrine but for where I’m at in the game, she can take far too long to fully charge. Thinking about giving those emblems to c Grimm. Thoughts?

If you use her for the AoE damage, it’s understandable that you feel like she’s worthless, but trust me, she actually isn’t. The fact that she dispels first before dealing damage is greatly important ESPECIALLY if you use her against riposte heroes, since it means she won’t be damaged by counterattacks. Additionally, it means that any buff that might have her damage be reduced (i.e. defensive buffs) are dispelled first too.

Can’t remember the math on how much of a difference it is between an average mana hero and a Ninja hero building to their second charge, so you might not be wrong about her being slower than Grimm/cGrimm. For now, I’d say that if you prefer putting emblems on Grimm (even to build up cGrimm as your priority), I’d do it and maybe you’ll get more barbarian emblems down the line for Ametrine.


Ametrine has better dispelling qualities, c Grimm is an attack buffer and that +50% attack up is still massive. You also don’t need to always charge ninjas to charge 3. Charge 2 is enough to make a difference against an enemy team. That’s why they’re versatile.
Boils down to your roster at the moment and what you need. They’re both great heroes


I need to figure out how to take the costume off of Grimm (already messaged sg about possible bug) since I have Marcel for defense down. I have ametrine next to brynhild and she still is slow at times. I almost never get to fully charge her, but yes even at 1x she’s still good

Just choose through the hero profile to equip back the original hero

Also c Grimm has nothing to do with defense down

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Ametrine is a game changer.

You don’t have to wait for 3x charge every time, she does massive damage to three on 2x charge (same as average speed), and you could use her paired with Tiburtus to great effect.

She’s even more crucial when you get to serious 5* action, as she allows you to dispel a Krampus taunt on just 5 tiles.

Grimm, costumed or otherwise, doesn’t bring as much to the table.


Keep them on ametrine, I like using both heroes but definitely use her way more. When played properly she can prove to be one of your best 4*

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I use c-Grimm in tough war battles. Combined with c-Kiril, my other heroes destroy the field.
On top of that, his class shines against tough enemies

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