Costume gormek doesn’t kill minons

My costume gormek does not kill all minions from all enemies. It only kills from the one that i direct hit. Anyone else having these issues? I have reported this once thru help option and no response to the topic, just referred me here

Is Krampus, BK or QoH active?


Also added for reference: Telluria’s minions cannot be removed. In case the team you were fighting happened to have a Telly.

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No, it’s was bera and freya

can you post a screen of this defence?

No, they were not involved. I understand that their taunt keeps minions alive

So I tried a freya and Telly team. Gormek killed all minions except the minion Telly had in her plus the freya minion on her too. Basically battling another alliance member to try and figure it out. Plus this all started by practicing different set ups to deal with the all popular frigg, bera, Odin set up

@TGW Is right. Telluria has the special skill of minion protection so you can’t kill any of her minions with a minion removal special like cGormek, Grimble, Gobbler, etc.


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