Costume Finely vs Costume Rumpelstilskin?

  • Costume Finley
  • Costume Rumpelstilskin

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Heading says it all and I know the roster matters but for this exercise curious as to who people see as best hero in todays meta. Thanks in advance your input!

Wow not even close which I am surprised about. Is it finleys sure thing against buffed teams versus rumps randomness?. I for one hate heroes with an overtly random nature like Wu Kong, Ranvir, Sumle et Al but thought that rumpel might actually buck that trend as almost every one of his specials should work well all the time.


Finley is just an awesome hero rumpy is not on the same level.

That being said c.rumpy is still decent.


Depends on what your usage would be. Finley is the better offensive hero. I think C-Rumple is the better defensive hero. No matter what Rumple uses on defense will help and too hard to have every possible counter. Finley is too easy to time your specials against to be consistent on defense.


In terms of who I think is more fun to use and who I’d want more, it’d be Rumpel. But in terms of who I think is a better hero in terms of utility and versatility, I’d say C. Finley. Definitely depends on roster needs though, whether you need more mana control or DD. Both great heroes though :grin:


I pulled rumple last night… After being annoyed he want gp or bk… I took a hard look at him… And if he goes off early… He’s great… If he goes off at the end of your team he’s just ok… So I’m likely to pair him with other average ice heroes.

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