Costume Exchange

Am just thinking since we have soul exchange now, maybe SG can do something similar for redundant costumes… Players can trade in x costumes for a shiny new costume that you really want. You really just need one copy of each costume and the dup copies are completely useless.

But since there is no TC20 equivalent to get 5* costumes, I would suggest that they fix exchange rate at say 5:1 or even lower coz the chance to get a duplicate 5* costume is much lower.

Instead of offering 15 5* heroes at 10/15/20 heroes, they can offer 15 costumes (5 3*, 5 4* and 5 5*) in costume exchange.

Of course if you trade in 5 3* costumes, you can only exchange for a new 3* costume. If you want a new 5* costume, it has to be 5 5* costumes that you are willing to give up.

As f4p i does not have 5 5* Costumes
I Like your Idea but there ist No Chance to Produce dubeled costumes Like in the TC

I find no value in this OP & suggestions, bcoz:

  • Soul exchange gives a costume hero option.
  • So better suggestion would be to increase number of costumes being offered in should exchange.

On a practical mode, hardly any player has multiple 5* costumes and hence again exchange doesn’t make any sense.

Asking more costumes from SG / Game is also not practical.

Sorry, don’t see any practical value in the OP suggestions.


I like the idea. Why not?

It would be great if we all had multiple 5* costumes but we don’t. I agree with @dansing, this makes no sense because there are already 5* options with costumes in the soul exchange.


I don’t think many people would own duplicate costumes, as most people feed them away for the XP since there’s no point owning multiples


Can we have costume exchange, just like soul exchange?

Probably not. Unlike for roster there is no issue with limited space for costumes

It’s not about roasters, already if we have many dupes costumes, better we exchange with other legendary costume, rather than summoning unlimited times

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Unfortunately, your offer is beneficial only to the buyer. The seller will most likely answer “no”.

If we can exchange one 5* for another why you cant add the same witch costume 5* for a different one ?

Should be moved to Ideas and Feature Requests.