Costume emblems

I think costumes should have their own emblem path instead of having it on the hero and not be able to change it in the costume, I hope u guys fix this as it would make it easier and not harder for us to put emblems on them cuz if it’s a different path we want we’d have to use reset emblems on the hero and fix it but that makes it complicated, plz make them separate instead of combined

Would be nice if you could look at either path and and add emblems.

(Also if the hero you put in for war stayed in the outfit you picked … or change the midweek trial to not appear before war) … always messes me up lol

If it was separate, then you’d be wasting emblems. 2 emblems for 1 hero, is kind of a waste. Besides, reseting, would be awkward.

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Yeah. Dude, that boat has long sailed. We were already informed on the nature of the talents on the costumed version of the hero. Try reading some beta beats threads in the forum.

There is nothing needed to be fixed on the talent path of the costumed hero IMHO.

I certainly don’t want to have to emblem the same hero twice. Many (most?) heroes with costumes there is an obvious better version anyway to concentrate on. I certainly wouldn’t be embleming Horghall on his uncostumed path.

It would be nice to be able to emblem on the costumed hero path though instead of having to switch back and forth if the costumed hero is better.

U get more emblems from tournaments, mystic vision, chests, and trials and some quests

Yes, and that still doesn’t explain why you would want to use 3000 emblems and a truly absurd amount of food putting emblems on a costume AND the base hero.

It, thankfully , doesn’t work that way, and this isn’t a bug.

You could get “nodes” to use on costume in the same amount you have on base hero.
There is no need for them to cost anything, just like they don’t cost anything now.

It could be done and, TBH, it wouldn’t be very difficult.
The way it is with costumes sometimes your choices with talents just don’t make sense in one version of the hero.

You can get both sides to match. They are well made. People think shield or sword path is the best, but things are not like that. Hero will needs right a amount of shield, hp and sword to be in balance to everything

I can advice you with the path, if you tell me which hero?

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