Costume Elkanen as a counter to Professor Lidenbrock?

Costume Elkanen as a counter to Professor Lidenbrock? Could it be?

Yes, he is my favorite underrated hero who keeps proving his value!


he’s also nice vs Baldur.

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I wish all of the health vampires would steal the health as is given - meaning if health is boosted, then the vampire would boost his health. It would add a very good perk for these heroes, since there are not a lot of medics in the defenses these days.

Usually they are found in all of the rush events, when I see their real potential. Maybe now, when such ridiculous healer like Zuri will also show up now and then in the defenses they will get more use of this skill.

Additionally, I see him good in defense, coupled with fiend generators.

That’s interesting as I always skipped using or putting emblems on cElkanen before. Which emblem path did you pick? Full attack-defense as he already steals the healing?

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Health steal is only a soft counter to the prof, i usually find Vanda effective against her however her hard counter is Sabina or C. Sabina.

Problem with Lidenbrock is that she cleanses before healing + applying OHoT, so you can’t negate the first heal (200 + 150HP without any bonuses). After that Vanda, C-Elkanen and C-Victor are great for the job, but still your enemy team heals at least 350HP plus 59/74 x 3 HP, though they heal themselves. Still, better bring dispeller, that will leave just those 350HP.

Also Onyx, though he’s hard to get.

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I use him heavily in competition so 100% attack.

I usually wait until she fires then apply C. Sabina, so she heals around 200 HP on slow speed, thats not that dangerous.

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Thx, what I thought… :grin:

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