Costume duplicate bug

Hello, I thought 1 costume was supposed to be wearable by multiple heroes?

I had 2 fully leveled Banes and 1 I began to work on from scratch. I also have the costume. I decided to level the costume from the unleveled Bane and now my original 2 Banes can’t seem to get any costume bonus unless I releven them from scratch too (see image).

Per the image, the top 2 Banes are fully leveled, but you can see when I equip costume it takes it back to 1/1. My bottom Bane is NOT fully leveled but equipping costume shows the accurate progression of the costume, and it gets the costume bonus whereas the first 2 do not.

Any ideas?

Not sure if I follow you completely, but my understanding is the costume bonus and costume ascension level is showing differently on different versions of your Banes?

If so, this is normal. Although costumes can be used on multiple versions of the same hero, costumes must be leveled independently for each version of the hero. Fortunately, a 3* costume is very easy to level so it shouldn’t take much effort to level it for all your Banes.


Following on from LadySuzanne’s post, have a look at the Costume FAQs for a full description on how they all work.

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Hello. I Don t find where post new reply… Well
I used 5 key for costume…is it possible I found 4 same costume?

Yes, that’s quite annoying, but very possible

As this is solved, I’ll close the thread :+1:

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