Costume disappeared

I received a kadian costume along with kadian I was going to start working on her and I noticed the costume was gone help please

Could you please post a screenshot of your recent activity log. If you got a Kadilen costume it should show there. And why are you only posting now? The last costume event ended about a week ago…

I will go back i think it was 2 months ago ish

If so, you should carefully check the activity log since then. You probably feed it away without noticing. Ugly bussiness but I’ve done worst while being half asleep…

I was told u couldn’t feed a final copy

how do I check my history i cant find it

You can’t feed away all of a costume once you have it, as it gets blacked out for feeding purposes when you’re down to one. You can feed the hero itself away, but not the costume.

My guess is that the OP got the Elkanen costume and is confusing it with the Kadilen costume.

Ikickurbooty, can you show a screen shot of your actual Kadilen hero? Once you get a costume, the little masquerade symbol appears on your hero card for it.


Yes, that seems to be so… no ideea then. Check the log, find the moment you got the costume, and then submit a support ticket with the pics of the costume being drawn and your current costumes inventory. See what they say about it.

The history only goes 5 days prior to getting her on the costume pull i did not have her how do i put a ticket in

I meant to say it only goes back 5 days

Can you post a screen shot of your actual Kadilen hero? Once you get a costume, the little masquerade symbol appears on your hero card for it in the top left corner.

the mark is not there but I got her from a costume pull there has to be a way to check history

I also posted in chat im checking to see if I posted a picture on line app when I got her

You can contact support, but without evidence that you had it, I’m not sure they’ll be able to do much for you. It certainly won’t hurt, but I would just not get my hopes up.

Are you sure you’re just not confusing it with the Elkanen costume that you do have?

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No elk was there almost from the first costume set she came way later like month before last I believe

As you’ve discovered the history only goes back 5 days. I’m sure devs can check back further but without proof I doubt they will. Otherwise they’d be bombarded with these types of requests.

You cannot feed away the last copy of a costume and I don’t know how else you could have lost it. Did you have Kadilen before pulling the costume? Do you have two of her now?

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I never pulled her before that

I was excited when I got her. but I get it o spend alot the history would be large and with millions playing i get it

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything you can do… Without any kind of proof support won’t take your word for it… evidence is not in your favor…

Elkanen’s costume was released the same time as Kadilen’s in May. He was not part of the first batch of costumes:

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