Costume Delilah Hopes and Dreams (Requests)

Keep Delilah’s ability to revive, and give her the ability to revive and heal her team.

The main feel of how I would like Delilah to perform is a reviving healer that has a good, respectable chance of reviving her team. I have a Delilah emblem’d to node 15 with Attack/ Defense/ Health of 752/ 815/ 1457. And, on offense, often enough she revives ready to heal, but there’s no team left for her to heal, so her tenacity as a healer isn’t quite there anymore. I want her to have that “Yeah! We’re back in the fight” feeling on offense.

Now, I’m well aware that Delilah’s current class is a fighter and no costume has ever kept the same class of the original version.

So, I would like Costume Delilah to have some sort of mechanic in her special or maybe a new passive that keeps her stubborn revivability. A mechanic on par with Tyr’s revival part of his special: “If the caster dies during the next 4 turns they are resurrected in the beginning of their next rurn with 32% health. All status effects and stacks are removed when the caster dies.”

I would also like to see her gain the ability to revive her team with a 30+ % chance at 25+ % health.

With this train of thought being more about offense and the likelihood of players color-stacking with other yellows, I think it would be interesting if she gains X % of her special becoming undispellable for each yellow hero on her team. That way she becomes more potent with yellow mono-teams, but not too OP on defense because why would you run a mono-color defense when a mono-purple team could easily take out your mono-yellow defense.

Other nice features to sprinkle on her special: dispel enemy buffs or cleanse ally debuffs, reduce X % of mana or reduce mana generation by X %, or a heal over time/ an over-heal over time/ moderate mana gain over time.

Lastly, what kind of new class should Costume Delilah get? I think something that increases her survivability, thereby, making her tough to kill. Something like Rogue or Paladin.

You will be so disappointed with what they did with c Delilah


Upcoming update, She got some buff on her stats(costume family bonus) but she is still very underwhelming hero in this current meta. She needs to get some buff for her costume. Her healing is lower in her costume but slightly higher minion stats but still not so beefy to compare with other minions in current meta. At average, she only heals 30%… her minions needs to have additional skills or increase her healing or change it to boosted health or something