Costume Closet part 23456789

So who comes up with these pitiful lame excuses for costums! I Could come up with some way better then say a twig catching fryer or a meat carver or even a wolf you turned into a raccoon. Who in there right mind wants that? No imagination none zero zilch! Then you have there talents . . Did you get em from a cracker jack box for reals . A 1year old could do a far better job. Does SG pay to send there employees to LAME GAME SCHOOL… There are alot of us that play this gambling casino game that could come up with better ideas ! Wait we have . I got one new character for you a blind guy with a walking stick or mother north with a walker would be better then most. How many fat fyers do I need before he gives my other characters high cholesterol or diabetes. Just wanted to express alot of our concerns. You can do better! … Or maybe not.

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