Costume Clarification needed: one costume, multiple heroes


I have a question regarding using costumes with multiple heroes.

I pulled a rigard costume during the initial event in November. I have 3 Rigards, one fully maxed and two unlevelled. I started leveling the costume by fitting it to one of the unlevelled Rigards. I now reached level 40 and of course cannot ascend it, because the Rigard is only at 1.

Now I tried fitting the costume to the maxed Rigard instead and expected to be able to ascend it there. To my surprise, the costume had level 1 again. The same happened when trying to fit the costume to the third Rigard. Fitted back to the original Rigard, it had level 40 again.

I expected costumes to be the same level for every hero. Of course an ascended costume then could not be fitted to an unlevelled hero.

If that is not the case and a costume needs to be levelled for each hero individually, it would be really useful to point this out clearly.

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This is how costumes work.

See for instance Q2 of this OP in this thread:

Hero Costume/s FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions


Thing you actually level is how proficient hero in wearing costume, not costume itself.


If they’d have called it ‘cross training’ or ‘enhanced skills’ or something like that it would have made more logical sense.

Agree, it is confusing and I’ve seen a lot of posts like OP.


Then they need to change the pop up on the actual hero costume card. I leveled a costume this AM on the new hero I got with it thinking I could move it over to my maxed version of that hero later and found out I definitely could not.

So we only need one rigard costume to dress our three rigards, correct ? But we have to level up all three of them and their rigard-costumes individually.

What if we get a second or third rigard costume.
Is the only value of further rigard costumes, that we can use them to feed other (rigard) heroes or costumes ?
I ask, because i am not sure, if its a good idea to use those multiple costumes i have for feeding and see afterwards, that i could have used them a better way.

Q2of the above OP does not answer the original question of this thread. :hushed:

Yes, it does:

Q2 – Levelling my costume? (Its now at 1-1 again??)

Part 1 – The hero is now at 1-1 again!

  • yes, costumes must be levelled up too! (Didn’t think you’d get it for nothing…?) Note with levelling a costume that it is capped in ascension to the same point as the underlying hero.

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