Costume Changing Bug - Changing a Costume Elsewhere During Preparation Phase affects War Defence Team

I’d like an option to lock my war defense in the preparation phase so that i don’t have to remember equipping costumes back before the start, because i usually fail to do so.

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This would be a quality of life improvement in my opinion. A few times lately I have set my defense team in raid tournaments using costumed heroes. However, before the tournament started, I equipped/unequipped the costume to do a raid or hit a titan. Now, currently, when we equip/unequip the costume, the hero in the raid tournament defense is also affected. This caused the tournament to start with the wrong team. The same is happening today with my war defense team. I put Vivica without the costume in my war defense, but want to use her with the costume for raids. I’m afraid to change cause I don’t want to forget to change it back.

In my opinion, war and raid tournament defense teams should be separate from the rest.


I thought war defense teams were already locked in. It would be good to get a warning when equiping/unequiping costumes if the hero is on a defense of some kind.

I thought they were as well. An alliance member asked this same thing. Can a mod answer for sure? I would like clarification to take back, please. :blush:

They are locked in after war starts. I would like it to be locked in from the moment you set it up. You would be able to change it on your war lineup, but otherwise if you equipped the costume, it shouldn’t affect your war team.


Can’t agree more with your opinion.

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I agree, this should be as a feature, so war defense should be locked all the time, means since preparation until the war begin and end.

War defense should be as a seperate fixed slot. If this cannot happen, please add a popup with text like this: “Your War Defense is changed! Please setup again if you will to revert back!”

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I can confirm this is the case and i would like to stres sone more thing.

Why can’t we change costume when preparing our team. It is a terrible design by UI/X team. They allow you to define your team prior to attack but if you need to switch costume, you are required to leave that interference and go to Hero’s just for the sake of changing costumes.

This should also be corrected and costumes shall be allowed to be chosen during attack preparation step.

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