Costume chamber odds misleading

The displayed odds say that a Legendary non-featured costume has a 2,5% chance of being summoned, but the featured ones only 1,5%. Maybe its about 1,5% extra chance to the 2,5%, but its still very misleading.

Yes, this seems wrong, featured should be higher.

It’s 2.5% that you’ll pull ANY legendary costume, which there’s several. It’s 1.5% you’ll pull SPECIFICALLY a featured hero costume, which is better odds than you’d get if you wanted a different SPECIFIC hero costume.

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It makes sense, but since we are speaking about pulls and pulls mean money this should be made crystal clear to everyone so they could decide if they want to spend or not. So i get what you are saying but i still think that the description is not clear enough.

here is the screen : appearance rates in costume chamber

I thought it was pretty clear but it doesn’t negatively affect me if they wanted to walk you through it with a little “how to read” guidebook.

there are 2 featured heroes for a chance of 1,5% so 0,75% per hero
there are 6 heroes for a a chance of 2,5% so 0,4125 % per hero

Featured heroes have greater chance than non featured heroes (SG style)


I have to admit that I haven’t looked into the costumes thing in any detail yet. What’s the consensus? Is it worth it to try at all?

I’ve had horrible luck with summons draws in the past - I’ve only managed five 5*s in total since I started over a year ago. What if you get a costume for a hero you don’t have? Why are the pulls as expensive as legendary summons? I fail to see why this is anything but a big cash grab.

Most people seem to be planning on only using the free pulls at this point. (I got Rigard, whose costume is pretty much inferior to the original hero, so he’s on the back burner for when I have no purple project and want to boost his stats a bit…)

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