Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

I think the point is you got the same thing but the benefit is not the same. This is true of new vs old players. You give both the same hero, who benefits more? Whose power increases proportionally more? Especially if the older player already has better heroes, his power may not go up at all.

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I think SG should bare that as a responsibility to provide the hero for already obtained Costume, i dont think it could have stopped any of them who pulled for the costume with 300 gems without any other added perks for the added 50?

I have made about 100 pulls a month and havent seen a Joon yet and I got the costume but even if continue pulling in the same rate along with TC20 running all the time there is no guarantee that i will get the hero so it will be useless gem spent on the costume which will be rotting for no one knows how long! Hope they see the point.

Thank you for checking this for us!

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There was no point in paying for costumes before for me. There still isn’t. I would rather have the extra day of AR, frankly. And if this kind of improvement is what we can expect when they roll out another heavily flawed new feature, I am afraid of the mass exodus when they roll out a highly disappointing Hero Academy. And you KNOW that they are just dying to disappoint their customer base yet again. Weirdest business model I have ever seen…


How is it not equal right now? How are people not getting the same thing? I don’t really get it.

Also, again, do you really think equality is better than equity? The kid on the wheel chair should always not get to see the match, right? For equality?

Wow this thread just went way out of hand! So I’m just gonna say this, those with huge rosters only want the costumes don’t need them persay, so them adding more keys means you dont pay and only spin with whatever keys you got because there is nothing there you need no real reason to spin. For a newer player a chance to kill two birds with one stone by getting heroes with the costume and possibly rack up some ascension items that’s a win for them. There are more keys and keys fall elsewhere so yeah but as many others have said it would be a waste FOR ANYONE to spin here at all. I would just use whatever keys I earned and move on. There is no reason for anyone to be upset about it anymore as it offers everything everyone asked people who want to spin have more options people who dont care can just win the keys and be happy with that. I dont understand what the hoopla is about? There are a ton of other deals that pop up daily that no one in their right mind would purchase this is just simply another one. I will farm my keys use them and move on nothing to see here and good luck to those that choose to spin here.


@DoctorStrange I think it’s because people were hoping that the costume feature would be a good and useful feature; those offers you’re talking about don’t affect the game in any way, they’re just offers. Costumes are an addition to the game mechanics, so it would be nice if it was done in a better way.

Personally, I’m not mad because I see it as 2 additional chances per month for an HoTM for free.

But it would be even better if costumes worked the same way as Troops; 150-200 gems per pull, feeder costumes (could just be a generic 1 star and 2 star feeder) can only be obtained through silver tokens or costume tokens, and costumes can only be fed by feeder or other costumes, not normal heroes. Costume tokens can also be obtained through mystic, wanted missions, recruits II (or a similar quest)

This way it gives incentive for paid players to buy more costumes to feed to level costumes up, but also makes obtaining costumes viable for most players like most players can obtain 4 star troops.

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This has gone on and on from day one. My view is that they acted on the feedback and made changes. Some good some not so good. But we all know it’s a business and it needs to make a profit. We are where we are and we just need to pick ourselves up and continue to have fun in the game. If people don’t want to spend work on free to play or cheap to play. I too have costumes without the hero but I ain’t going to lose sleep over it - Joon will come one day :slight_smile:

In its current state no one should be wanting to spend anything there. If more costumes are coming then the price wont go up.and then there will be a reason to spend there so I would say that what they have planned would mean that they needed to be ready for it. So now with multiple costumes a chance at a 5 star hero of the month and ascension, that would be worth the price and I would assume that’s were they are headed and that’s what was needed they just need to add more costumes


not sure I agree, because more costumes means less chances for current costumes. Like, if I wanted a costumed hawkmoon, I’d try for her now as opposed to when everyone has a costume, cuz that’s gonna make costumed hawkmoon much harder to get.

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More costumes is the only way they gonna get any spenders to wanna spend there. There is no point for them to receive any of the heroes as they are all good so unless their are multi costumes coming this thing will just come and go. I dont understand the outrage thought. Their were no costumes forever and everyone was fine they released one time.and everyone was like meh.and here we are again back to screw you SG like seriously? You dont like it dont summon take your keys or dont there is just no reason for anyone to be angry.

Where did you hear that from?

I personally think it was better without costumes… Who ask for costumes anyway?

But I do think the new costume system is fairer than the old one.


more costumes isn’t gonna get spenders to spend unless those costumes actually do something.

Like we can have 20 Tudan costumes and 100 Brogan costumes. Are you gonna spend 350 gems for them?

Actually, I have seen posts in this thread where multiple players summon a lot of them.

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All of the costumes do something so having more costumes for more.heroes would.give people a reason to spend as they can have more than one class for their heroes that is worth spinning for. I have to many rangers being able to change someone. To a fighter or rogue would be huge

OH so you’re saying more costumes for a single hero? Like 3 types of costumes for hawkmoon for example?

As opposed to more costumes for different heroes than this batch of heroes?

Now you see what I’m saying. Making multiple costumes could go a long way if they spread it through all.the heroes. Now you got yourself a money bucket when you have some really epic skilled costumes featured for the month

They said costume bonuses stack.
If there are 3 different costumes for Lianna, it could result in Lianna with 875 power, 975 with emblem. +15% attack +15% defense +30% HP +15% mana regen.

That would be insane.


Getting 3* heroes when I want costumes will suck.

They could really reconsider the odds of getting legendary heroes in general and season 1 heroes especially, now that season 3 is approaching. Why not giving the old heroes at higher odds or at a cheaper price? Since the value decreased over time. You can argue that the costume adds value on top but if the chances to draw them are as bad as always, then it’s a nice bonus but simply unattainable for most players. I don’t expect to get a legendary costume or a hotm with the key draws.

I’m happy though about the 3 and 4 star costumes and I will actually be able to use them.

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