Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

Does this mean that you no longer get both? The hero and costume at the same time? Or do you still get the hero for free in case you get a costume you cant use?

The larger problem is that skins almost always (in my experience) lead to more power creep. I mean, to the extent that the stat bonuses are in play, they already have, but these were presented as ways to make s1 heroes better again. When the well runs dry on s1 costume buying, s2, s3, or Hotm costumes come calling and s1 costumes/heroes lose whatever use they may have.

So then it starts again with a second set of s1 costumes (once played a game where one hero could have like 8 different costumes that boosted them in some way).

So to me, this is just the start of what’s probably a deep dive to have as many new skins as possible to generate another revenue stream because if any of them do become game changing, people will spend.

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Agreed. Once you complete ALL of atlantis, those coin are REALLY rare. an option would be to keep the golden goose active In S2 even when Atlantis has sunk

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@zephyr1 Would love an answer from moderators on this one. Thanks


I’ll ask for an official answer about that, but I would be extremely surprised if they intend to give heroes for Costumes Summoned last time, given the increased cost and decreased Appearance Rates for the Summons now.

I’ll let you know what I find out. :slightly_smiling_face:


can you suggest to them to give a “free” 5 keys to everyone to compensate for them using keys last time and for the inconvenience from stopping costumes? :smiley:

it was 300 gems before though?

I’ve seen a fair number of people suggest something like that, so I asked about that too. :slightly_smiling_face:

What about those that pulled a costume before and didn’t get the hero? Will they be compensated with the heroes? I know a few players that pulled the Lianna costume but doesn’t have the hero.

I don’t get this change.

Big spenders do not care about TC heroes being available altogether with the costume. They do not care either about getting chances of a HotM since they have or will pull heavy on events and Atlantis. They do care about the mats chest. But they mostly care about getting legendary costumes, which is the part heavily damaged here with odds halved.

Small spenders probably do not care about costumes. They probably already have all epic heroes and dont care about getting them with the costume, and odds for getting legendary tc20 heroes is now so tiny that it’s not worth it. HotM is nice for them. But eventually they will spend their valuable gems in AR or events rather than in costumes, with same or better hotm chances for same price, and odds for better heroes.

The only ones that can really benefit from this are players who never spend money and gems and will pull only through keys. Not that they will be thrilled about getting tc20 rare and epic heroes along with the costume, but the tiny odds of getting Vivica or Lianna is quite nice for them.

I think that’s what will actually happen for everyone. People will pull with keys, no one will spend money in it apart from those who spend money in everything anyway, and those who may think 3k gems is actually not so bad a mat chest, feeders, and a tiny chance of something vaguely interesting.
Not me.


My thought still has not changed, anything negative id want to say has been covered with nothing positive to say ill leave it at, SG could ■■■■ up a wet dream :100: of the time.

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My biggest complaint about the Costume portal in its initial release was the extreme scarcity draws available for f2p players. S1 heroes are generally the bread and butter of the f2p crowd and a chance to make them more relevant sounded like a good thing. The problem was that at 1.2 draws per month it would take years for this to have an impact on our rosters. Meanwhile the spenders, who already have the better heroes that have made the S1’s less relevant, get better opportunities through spending to take advantage of the improvements.

A boost to the drop rates of the keys is welcome, but that is pretty much the ONLY change I can cheer here. They have increased chances but simultaneously decreasing odds, which is a non-change really. It all seems so jaded and capitalistic now.

So, I am disappointed. My best hope is to get 4* costumes for my 4* heroes that are still more or less relevant anyway like Rigard or Sonya.


Great changes and a good fix to a lot of complaints. Love it.

My problem is that i’m a huge fan of democracy and equality.

I don’t want elite players to overall always gain an advantage on new players.
If you can’t never reach the top no matter what, it is not fun for sure.

And i don’t want new player to always get priority because the game somehow must cover for having a late start.

I like features to be equally good for older end new players, or at least if the first is more good for new players, the next one more good for older one.

Alchemy lab was already a missed opportunity, and now we have the second in a row.

As i stated before, it was gradually introduced plenty of features that allow new players to develope faster compared of my newbie phase.
I would say almost three times faster then before.

Game has changed, so i don’t really mind.
But now they must give something to us too for balance things out.

Despite that, they choose to make all my TC20 heroes hardly gained through many months almost irrelevant. But hey, now i can pay twice the cost and have half the chances of before!

Sorry if i’m not really entranced about it.
Never really liked sodomy.

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Gonna be honest, that is a problem. Democracy is just a tool for brainwashing. But I digress. Democracy has nothing to do with any of this anyway.

The problem is, do you want equality or do you want equity?

The statements you made are contradictory. Give an example.

Old player Bob has power level 1000. New player Chris has 0.

Now something comes along, and gives both player equal gains.

Now Bob has PL 1100, Chris has 100. Etc. Their difference is still 1000, it never decreased. In this scenario, Chris can never catch up to Bob.

So if new players and old players always benefit equally, new players can NEVER catch up.

But this img sums up what I’m trying to say simply:

(equality is on the left, equity is on the right)


Nope, as @General_Confusion correctly stated before, there’s some turning point which same beneficts affects 2 different people developement very differently.

Let’s say i have three meals a day, and you have nothing.

If a person give you an apple, it means almost nothing to me but almost all to you even if it is the same apple.

And that apple give you strenght to work. Work give you money.
Money give you other things and so on…

The thing is that we are not having even the same apple here.

I don’t intend to spend more gems for a season one hero I don’t want or need, so the keys from other areas is nice.

My understanding of costumes was to make original heroes more relevant as the game progresses/progressed, so to pull a duplicate hero, with worse odds, just to get a slight bonus is cray-cray.

Good effort. Poor execution.

What becomes of those who pulled costumes for heroes they did not have? (I haven’t read through the replies yet, and don’t expect to get an answer to this post, but I ask anyways.)

Be cool ya’ll.


Then it doesn’t benefit you and the other guy the same. You see?

Costume chamber makes money for the game.

Alchemy Lab was supposed to ease something for something, and make something something more something.

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Still it is equal.

If i have to sweat my 5* heroes through TC20 for several months, or do elemental summons and you just need a costume portal to get both costume and hero, it is not equal.

They give an apple to you, and a bean to me.

Give us both the costume, then you sweat your heroes through summons or TC20 like me.

Now we have both an apple.
It still benefit more you (that gain the costume early compared to me) but it is now fair.