Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

I dont think so but no official word from @Petri yet


For 4 star and 3 star I think this is a reasonable statement (though given RNG it isn’t inevitable, just highly probable) - but for 5 star it might not happen within a reason span of time. Playing over 2 years and I only have about 2/3 of the classic 5 stars.

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Zero, nada, null.
At least for now.

We already saw what it can happen.

Roll out, see the numbers.
If the numbers are somewhat good, forget about it.

If the numbers are not exciting, maybe they can think about it.
But nothing assure they at least wait a couple of months this time.

So… nope, i do not have many hopes.

That’s fine, though. I’m in the same boat (at two years). But that means only a third of the costumes will wait for a bit. With the old way you’d still doing massively better since you get double the costumes per gem. I’d rather have twice the costumes for the price and have a 1/3rd sit and wait, not inevitably, then get half the costumes with the hero. Having 2/3 of the heroes, you’d still get about 30% more costumes for a hero you already have, by my calculation.

And this is us. Consider that: A. Many have more of those heroes B. With time, pulls and TC 20s you WILL get most of them, even if it takes a bit more time.


I agree. And so the way to make it work would be for this move not to work - for us to boycott the new chamber collectively till they fix it (maybe to offering both options, higher chance costume only, lower chance costume + hero, or something). That is something the community can control, if it doesn’t just buy into whatever they throw at us.


To be honest I don’t care about the costumes at the moment, but new ways to take a chance at hotms are always welcome.
And ascension materials chest is a nice added bonus.

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Yep, it is the only way.
But we can only hope people doesn’t mass invest in it.

I’m afraid we are not capable of doing something like a class action.

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Can some of the developers or admins answer me this question:

What happens with the costume pulls that were done in the first costume chamber event? Will these changes apply to that? For instance I pulled both Liannas and Quintus costume but do not currently have those heroes. Since I have the costume from the first pull, would I get the hero as well with the implementation of the update?

If currently I would not get the hero, please fix this. It is unfair. I wasted alot of money on the first event and would like my heroes as everyone will get in their future pulls once the update is implemmented.


Every game is designed to let new players catch up. At least if it is a good game.

The advantage for older players is game experience … xp in how to play the game and xp in what the game has to offer

Just think about wow… how long did it take you 2005 to get lvl 50/60 (what was max again?) … and how long did it take you 2007?
Same with Diablo or Everquest and so on…

In my opnion the new costumes chamber is only good for more keys = more chances for hotm

The specific chances for 4*/5* costumes + heroes are too low…


And, as stated above you can do it now, no problems, it just isn’t buy your way to the elite. It takes time. I did it, so can anyone else, and if you pay it can happen faster - but it will still take time.

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Which is a good thing. Otherwise new players would not have to play at all

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You should. It is fair. I am in the same boat myself. Makes zero sense to have a state where I can have a costume and no hero associated, while going forward being in this state (where you have a costume and not the hero) would be impossible.

I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with my point, or if you missed it. However, since we’re talking, your last statement is misleading. The gap between two reasonably smart and similarly dedicated players will shrink but it will always remain noticeable.

The gap will shrink because younger players have the benefit of learning from the mistakes of older players. They also benefit from the game’s development as newer and better features, or heroes that weren’t available before, become available now. This is what Elpis is complaining about.

But the gap will always remain noticeable because of the other elements of the game, such as troops, buildings, resources, mats, experience, alliance, loot, etc. that can be earned only through time and patience. This is what Elpis is missing. I might be wrong but it seems like you’re missing that too.


I agree to a degree… :smiley:

So after more than 2 years the difference between level 28 troops and their maxed troops is almost nil. And that will be closed in another few months. Yes, their second group of troops will be higher than mine, that is almost a non-issue.

So I have 32 Maxed 5 stars and they have 10 more…who cares…those 10 are mostly classics that were good in their day but are now not or early HoTM that weren’t great but nobody really understood that at the time. So are they a bit ahead, sure, but not much.

WE is a difference maker to a degree, but also not huge.

Will they always be ahead given everything else the same in the way we play, sure. But the effective gap lessens with each month and is totally less than the importance of skill and the impact of RNG pretty quickly,


Just pulled Viv in Teltoc and now I have all heroes that could have costumes so far.

The option to summon costumes only for 200 was much cooler than paying 350 now for a dupe.

The HotM chance and the mat chest doesn’t compensate the almost doubled price.


Agreed. I personally pulled a decent amount of costumes last time and ended up with quite a bit of the 5* costumes (certainly seemed like better chances then normal 5s or I had incredible luck)… didn’t get viv though and would really like a marj and kiril costume at some point but with the price increase and the odds decrease, I’ll be relying on the free keys… Atlantis odds and prices on classic heroes just seems… wrong… especially for where I’m at in the game.


The costume summon as initially released was clear, you pay to summon a costume. Now they added bells and whistles that may or may not be useful but REDUCED the odds of getting the valuable costumes.

I want a costume from the costume portal, I liked that and it was a chance to make my S1 heroes more relevant.

Now I am getting the underlying hero. Hmmm, T20 is the solution. Many will also result from Atlantis and Event summons over the years. This is NOT really a benefit.

Now I have a 1.3% shot at the HotM. Nice but it isn’t a costume and I’d rather have less expensive costume summons.

Ascension materials. Nice but once again, this was to summon costumes. This is the confetti in the air to distract us from the fact that the cost of costumes doubled. SG already sells ascension materials to us in gem bundles and other offers, if a player wants to buy them they can. Raising the costume price and adding ascension materials is essentially selling them.

Am sour on this “improvement” and would vote enthusiastically for the proposal above where two summoning options are offered. A lower priced “costume only” with the better 5* costume odds, and the higher priced “costume plus hero” option with the lower 5* costume odds. That second option can have the HotM and mats too…


I hope so because he needs something!

our chances are zero.

Tbf this is more for f2p/c2p people, if you are p2w then there is no reason for you to even pull