Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

Dont need those crap Costumes and invest nothing to get them


Total HotM

The drastic increase is across all users.

It impacts big spenders the least and F2P the most.


The new masquerade quest also awards 10x keys ( 2x chance at HotM ! ) in addition to chest drops. Compared to 15x Challenge coins ( 1.5x chance at HotM ) for Challenge events ( should add Challenge coins to all chests ).

For big spenders the increase is very small but the increase is there.

Especially users hitting rare 14* titans and getting Epic Hero Token drops and Atlantis coin drops ( should add Challenge coins to all rare titans).


For F2P and C2P, especially those hitting 5* titans, this is the second renewable chance at HotM!

Seadragon, and suspicious chest, spawn rates are so bad hundreds of stages, and months, can go by without enough random drops for a 1x summons from stages.

Guaranteed Atlantis coins from map stages can only be gotten once.

Challenge coins are 18x chances per year while Masquerade quests will be 24x chances per year. A +133% increase plus any loot drops ( Epic hero tokens, Atlantis coins, Costume keys ).


+1000x :heavy_heart_exclamation:

You should post this to the Ideas & Feature Requests sub forum


Overall I think this is a good set of changes. I know everyone’s focusing on the increased gem cost, but I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. I doubt people would have balked had it been rolled out this way in the first place.

Three points I’d like to make.

  1. I applaud there being more ways to acquire keys. That was one of the most common complaints and I appreciate that SGG listened.

  2. Meaning no offense to @TheChef or anyone who shares their opinion, but making a system that doesn’t suit the P2P crowd is kind of the flip side of making a feature more approachable and useful to the F2P / C2P crowd. So I support this change even though I’m probably high on the C2P spectrum and therefore less assisted personally.

  3. @Petri, what will happen to the duration of Atlantis? Thanks in advance!


Hopefully to the featured ones.

4*trainer/3*/4* mat instead of hero when hero already on the bench would make me summon. But 350 for a dupe and a costume will make me f2c.

Free 2 Costume. :wink:


As a player who only spend what I earn in Google rewards the increase in gem cost does not bother me as i had no intention of buying costumes at 300 gems.

The fact I now have harder challenges and the chance of more costume summons is a great plus.

Getting a hero with costume, great if I don’t have hero but based on the odds that’s unlikely although i won’t complain about more 5* heroes even if dupes.

Overall I’m very pleased with the announced changes


But now they can add old HotM, Atlantis heroes ( after Season 3 rising rolls out), and Challenge event heroes to Costume chamber.

Hoping Proteus, and Wilbur, added to the costume chamber.


Not smaller, previously there is no chance for HOTM but now there is 1.3% fo a HOTM. HOTM is generally better than S1 heroes.

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If there will be a chance of getting HotMs it’d be nice, but for my understanding you’ll always get the costume matching heroes?

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What make you think so?

Which make it unlikely for them to receive costume.

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okay, Suicide_Bunny, I understans what you are saying and having an extra chance for a hotm is a nice extra, but i have already 5 Grimm, 3 Wu Kong and many more (and all 3*, some times 5), so i would really stick with a decent chance to get a 5* hero. An increased chance for a hotm would be an additional treat.


Suicide_Bunny, on second thought, I’d say it’s fair, but not what I was hoping for, but fair enough.


Atlantis Rises will be reverted back to a 3-day event in February, as the change was only temporary:


If they would provide several different costumes for each hero with different utilities or even mana speed changes, it was a cool summon gate.

The 4th vanilla dupe and of each costume isn’t worth the price.

But a nice gate for beginners.


The direction i truly think it’s headed ^^


That is what I fear, if different costume bonus stack, imagine Lianna with +10% attack, +10% defense, +20% HP, and +10% mana regen…


I dont see additional bonuses

Just additional skills


If I read this correct you will receive the original hero as well as the costume for that hero. Does anyone know if there is a plan for those who pulled a hero costume on the last event and does not have that hero as I did with Quintus and Elena?


Dont think so since we got em cheaper, they’ll consider it a trade off


Cheers Rigs. Exactly what I figure but thought I’d ask as there doesn’t seem to be any direction on that.