Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

Not a fan of this version.

First and foremost, they had waited to see how sells goes before thinking of changing it, even if our feedback was totally against it at first.

Now that it is changed, again this new version seems more direct to make it a more profitable tool for them rather then a concrete improvement for us.

Now I ask myself: when spending will finally become too much even for the last of the whales?


New features dont increase or decrease my spending

I budget them into what i already spend or i dont :man_shrugging:


That’s for you same as for me.
But can we say it for all of us?


Probly not but not somethin we can really predict either

I assume it does not help me with my situation. But I can wait to get Lianna and Joon from TC20.

nevertheless I like the new ideas.

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Costume Chamber gets pulled and drastically changed in one month “based on user feedback” but Alchemy Lab is overwhelmingly negatively received and has almost 5 months of constructive feedback (Alchemy Lab FAQ) and still no changes in sight…just saying


The explanation is simple - it’s a way to make more money off the costumes, since people do like them and their pull rates were higher than for heroes. Solution: add the (common) S1 heroes that many people who pull heavily have anyway to the mix to justify it, increase the price, reduce the chances by almost 40%, and call it an improvement. $$$


Very true, but all i know is that it was proposed from us to make this portal cheaper (about same as troops) as change.
No one ever propose to make it a second atlantis (so totally the opposite).

It clearly shout once again “if you pay strong, we give to you all the things you want. Otherwise, sorry but nope.”.


Gem cost is too rich for me to consider spending. But that’s fine and we can always vote with our wallets.
I’m happy for these changes:

  • More keys each month
  • Keys available via wanted chests and MV
  • Getting hero + costume + spin at HotM

I still think costumes aren’t preventing certain S1 heroes from facing obsolescence (eg: Groot, Skittles), but I can accept this as an incremental effort towards avoiding that. It’d be interesting to see how Costume feature evolves.


it’s fair, but not enticing (unless you are new to the game and haven’t got a collection of doubles yet). For the rest of us: meh.


Seems like a nice quality of life change for newer players or mid level players who don’t have a lot of classic heroes ‘yet.’

I think for those playing long term, this is not as good of a thing, but that’s a trade off I’m comfortable with :slight_smile:

Edit: upon further review, it’s a crap move and no one should be surprised by that.

I apologize for letting my optimism shine through for a second.

Decreasing odds and increasing prices serves new players and serves SG’s bottom line, while just middle fingering the bulk of the player base.

And really, to new players are they any better summoning for costumed heroes vs Atlantis or event heroes? I don’t think so.

BUT HEY! The Hero Academy will save us all :roll_eyes:


You nailed it, McDaddy.


I still have a better chance at getting improvements to my current heroes than i do at getting any actual new heroes and I’m pretty veteran player, i would suspect most that have regularly spent the past 2 yrs are in the same boat but haven’t looked at it that way


So, let me get this straight:
Legendary costume rates go down almost 37.5% (4% to 2.5%)
Price goes up about 15% (260 to 300 in a 10 pull)
So your return per price goes down to about half of what it was.

And this is an improvement?

Yes, you get a chance for HoTM, but that they should have just added.
And yes, you get the S1 heroes, but really, the spenders, who are the ones making them the most money and the ones they are trying to milk here, have or get those anyway, and you get them for free over time for TC20.

If this were really “for us” and based on user response, they could have left well enough alone, maybe added HoTM, and added the option for a pricier pull that includes the hero with these new much reduced chances.

Very clearly they understood people like costumes and they can make more money off it. I get it, but don’t call it an “improvement”, that just makes it annoying and is kind of ■■■■■■ towards your loyal paying customers.


Yes, older players and spenders get very little benefit from the inclusion of the heroes with the costumes, and conversely will have to pay slightly more (15%) for much less (37.5% less chance for a legendary costume, which is what we’re here for).


You get it right, and i’m still searching what benefit can i get from beeing a older here.

I runned my 4 TC20 (all at the same time) for something like a whole year. I have all TC20 heroes.

But now a newbie can just summon from this portal, get the hero, a stronger version of it, and even the ascension materials with it.

Atlantis, same story.

Yes, i have more maxed heroes and that’s all my advantage here.

Every new feature is never really directed at me.

I feel neglected.
We feel neglected, seriously.

Lots of money, lots of time, lots of help, lots of advertising, lots of feedback.

But nothing in return.

Nothing that let me feel like: i’m glad i’ve been here more then others.


How about the people who spent diamonds in costume chamber and got only costumes? I got Isarnia costume by spending 300 diamonds and I don’t have the hero. So is there any possibility to give us the cards for those costumes or refund those diamonds?


Great enhancement with the new changes about tickets for the costume chamber.

SG should consider to make also a quest for Atlantis, because you earn really few Atlantis coins from different event reward etc. They should make a monthly quest to earn at least 300 Atlantis coins, as Atlantis event is still the best one for good heroes.

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But how about me that i have lianna costume but not the hero?? I will receive the hero or it will stay like that for past costume pull???

The costume will stay inactive in your inventory and you can activate it once you will receive Lianna.


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