Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

I’ve gotten them in raid chests & monster chests…

Also is in the release notes as being included in rewards for wanted missions (these are the titan, monster, elemental and raid ones)

two costumed soynas (level 20&18) with +20Kiril real nice against gravedigger


Is Atlantis still longer this month? It was supposed to be only until costumes are back. But i’m getting mixed info from people.

It should be extended, see here: 2020 JANUARY Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests & Atlantis Rises) Tentative

Thanks :slight_smillllllllllllle:

@cap has made a fantastic guide to The Masquerade Costume Quest, posted over here:

=> 🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade


“With the additional value, we have aligned the Costume Summon with the Atlantis Summon. In practice, this means a reduced chance for Legendaries and improved chance for Rare and Epic Heroes. The summon price has been increased to 350 gems.”

So I get to pay more and my chance of pulling what I actually want is now less. Wow, what a fantastic change, thank you ever so much for that.


Well, they can scan accounts for hero power for war matching.

They could use the same thing to scan for the flag “you do not have the hero for this costume” and mail the hero.

It’s certainly not impossible if they want to do it.


Of course they could do that (or track which summons were made in last costume chamber and send the heroes).

They already stated they won’t though.

If, maybe, perhaps, but …
Bottom line is they don’t want to


No screenshots, but my low level alt account got a key from mystic vision two days in a row (so maybe two or three visions apart) since v26.

Of course that means my main account will not see a key until 2024!


Does it start today?

Yup! Hopefully in the next 1-2 hours :slight_smile:

Thanks then i save my We :slight_smile:

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Good, I’ll delay my levelup then :stuck_out_tongue:

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According to


In 5 hours and 5 min? Weird time?

(thanks to an alliance mate for the info!)


I stand corrected :slight_smile:

I remember it started at a weird time last time, too. I guess it’s in a few hours.

It started later as they had some server-side issues. Not to mention nobody really knew the official starting hour as they forgot to add a multi-timezone clock on certain post which led us to a lot of questions.

I guess they kept it, since they have it listed as starting at January 20, 2020, at 12:00 PM UTC (in about 4.5 hours).


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