Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

I have the Isarnia costume from previous event but no Isarnia. Will I now receive her? Or does this just apply to the updated costume chamber?

When the update for costume came in, I observed with mixed feeling ; must admit that I echo @Elpis as stated, certainly I would prefer not to pull with chance to get dups S1 4* or 5*s, my roster is already loaded with such and now it’s disheartened that the odds are impacted and at higher price, just give me the option for a shot at costume only at possibly previous odd and lower price and I’m good., but I guess Coding such multiple options may delay raking in revenue for SG.

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Yes. The new chamber is more expensive.

Lol my biggest problem with the costume chamber is that there won’t be any new ones. I’m looking forward to it coming back and for more heroes to receive costumes. I lucked out with my empty Joon costume and pulled him from TC20 last week. I hope everyone else with an empty costume has the same luck.


This. No keys yet appeared in chests. I’m assuming that one can earn close to 5 keys each month. If it’s less then it’s really worse than other free summons such as summons with Atlantis coins. If we actually can earn 10 or more keys each month, then we better stop complaining about the changes :sweat_smile:

Moderator’s Note

Following up on questions from the community, I asked the Small Giant Staff whether players who Summoned Costumes during the first appearance of the Costume Chamber in November will receive a copy of the Hero for those Costumes when the Costume Event returns to the game, and got back an answer:

No, players will not receive a copy of the Hero for past Costume Chamber Summons when the Costume Chamber reopens.

In follow up to additional questions from players about whether players will receive any free Costume Keys as a gift, in recognition of the hiatus of the Costume Event in December:

We’re still waiting on an update about the possibility of gifted Costume Keys. We should have an answer in the coming days, before the Costume Event next week.

I’ll update again when more information is available. Thanks for your patience! :slightly_smiling_face:

And an update:


Thanks for finding out Zephyr1. Much appreciated.


SG rep: “Hey Zynga can we give free keys pls? We’re under a bit of pressure. Again. The forums are going ballistic and we need to appease the brutes.”

Zynga rep: "Are you kidding? We can’t keep giving free stuff away. Why don’t you tell that zephyr guy that you will get back to him. Then give him the soft let down in a few days.

You’ve got to get your act together man we aren’t a charity.

I don’t want a repeat of the raid tourney, you have no idea how humiliating that was. I was on my knees asking the board for forgiveness. If that happens again I’m confiscating all your Atlantis coins. It’ll be no Zeline for you this month."


Without reading through all the posts, I saw a common theme crop up and I think it may have been made more complicated than it really is…multiple costumes.

Folks…base hero has an original “costume”. Portal has/will have a costume available. Thus your base hero has (2) costumes…original and dress up with SG.

Stop giving SG ideas on having yet more costumes available for a single hero. They’ll run with it if it keeps getting repeated!

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Keys for prizes has begun!


Noooo this is unfair!! the update isn’t out for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

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So if I understand correctly, there’s a chance that each hero can one of the multiple costumes right? And costume bonuses stack for base heroes?

Sounds like we will see ‘ultrasonic fast’ Joon in some distant future, yeah?

Yes, that is the indication from the description of costumes.

I doubt an “ultra fast” hero… from the looks of things, the skill changes but not the hero mana speed… at least so far.

Far out I shouldn’t have opened my titan chest so early :rofl::sweat_smile:

Not talking about direct speed changes but indirect one.

I believe 29% Mana boost would convert a fast hero to v fast. 15% you can get from troops, 4% from last node on monk tree, 5% from first costume bonus. Now question is how much further costume stacking would take this

Sadly it’s 34% to change from fast to very fast

I hope they don’t do this insane thing.

So, is the new update going to give me the hero to go with the costume i already have?

@Easyz welcome to the Forum!

No, if you scroll up a little there’s a message about that: Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

Patch notes indicate changes to the way emblems interact with costume bonuses. Any clue what the change is?

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