Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

This topic is to discuss the latest news on Costume Chamber coming back:

You can find the previous discussion regarding the changes introduced in Beta here: 🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26].


Great enhancements thank you!

  • There are now new ways to acquire Costume Keys : On top of the Masquerade Quest, there is a chance to receive keys from the Mystic Vision, War Chests and Wanted Missions!

Great that this has been done and we will be able to get the keys from different sources than the quest only.


I’m honestly not thrilled for this change and I think I’m not alone in this. Increasing the summon price and adding the original hero to the summon has taken away all desire for me to pull with gems because I already own all the S1 heroes and if I want the HotM I wait for events or Atlantis.
I get that it improves a lot for other players, but I’m looking at it from a p2p/endgame point of view, so don’t burn me for this people.

Edit: I do like the fact that keys are more common to obtain, it balances it out a little bit imo, but we’ll have to see how often they drop.


Any chance we could see a Thorne costume in the near future?


Well, for me, as a mid-game player, it will be a chance to get some S1 heroes I still don’t have, having just started running my single TC20. Also, this solution is a good one for the ones that pull with keys only and do not intend to spend gems - I see why you may feel the way you feel now, however, I am sure they had to find the middle ground somehow.


True, but imo middle ground would’ve been both options. 2600 for just costumes or 3000 with the hero


I understand, you point.


This is similar to the $1.00 USD prize multiplier many lottery do, small price increase ( PR spun as an improvement ) for huge effect on total payouts. ( @Garanwyn your probabilities math is missed )

The odds do not change for the majority of users ( including those with all Classic 4* / 5* heroes unless you are spending 1,382,400 gems per month, see notes ) but it dramatically increases everyone’s chance at a HotM, including big spenders, by adding keys to all chests.

The increase in HotM summoned ( or reduction in gems used ) will be smaller, for big spenders, but it is still there.


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This is the best part of that whole thread to be honest


The costumes are dumb. There, I said it.

Are our season 1 heroes really so bored with life that they’ve resorted to cosplay to pass the time? Will I have to turn off my devices at night to stop them from waking all the neighbors with their yiffing?


I hope the bosses of Masquerade Quest change each month.


Thanks, I think all improvements are very good. Actually better than I could expect. Thanks a lot.


I am going to assume keys drop as often as Atlantis coins (actually only 10% of those drops since you only need 10 keys for a summon and 100 ATL coins), which don’t drop very often tbh. I don’t even get 1 summon a month outside Atlantis. So I don’t see the drastical increase here.


Can’t wait for them this time! All positive changes, can’t complain.

I wonder what happened to:

Fixed how costume bonus and talents are calculated together.

When entering a battle that has rarity/class/element requirements, eligible heroes are shown at the top of Hero Roster.

Will this be moved to new version update as bug fixes?


I dont like that they included getting the s1 heroes with getting the costumes either

But that is because i have all the s1 heroes so I’m biased as hell

I think if they wanna go this route, they should just replace the epic hero portal altogether with the costume portal…


A smaller chance to get Legendary heroes? Then all the positives mentioned (and it’s really good) - are irrelevant. Very disappointed.


I mean, it’s better… I guess? Just don’t know who was asking for this. Why pull for S1 heroes that are more in line with S2 heroes (but are still, for the most part, worse) for the same price and summon rates when you can just pull for S2 heroes (and past hotm), or soon S3? Makes no sense to me. Should have just given the S1 heroes some minor buffs so they don’t fall too far behind these beastly newer heroes instead of doing these crazy gymnastics to try to monetize it.

I’ll take the extra freebies and more stages on the costume quest, but meh. At least this in no way entices me to impulsively drop a chunk of my gem hoard I’m saving for S3. Thanks for trying.


If you get a costume and the hero, how fair would maintaining 5% be compared to ~2,5% on the regular summon?
Be mindful that you can get a hotm as a bonus for each pull, so that is a pay off for lowered (or should I say - evened) odds.


My thought on the matter too. Well said.