Costume chamber hiatus discussion

Improvements or nerfing coming?


Wait, does this mean no costume chamber on Monday???

I was really looking forward to getting something other than Hawkmoon :frowning:


Yep, that’s what it means.


Bummer, was looking forward to it this month. Really hoping to draw any of several costumes. Have been leveling Vivica (finally) just in case I pull her costume, really want a Holy standard defense down hero.

Not sure what problems were unearthed in the last portal. Some costumes are fairly blah and others are excellent but that must have been clear in beta so… ???


Uhh. I expect a lot of posts about people who already got a lot of these currently-unobtainable items (and therefore, they have a cheat-like edge over others) :wink:

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I’m hoping this is a positive and they’ll be more keys for the costumes that will be able to obtain instead of just for the monthly event


Right?? The only issues I’ve read in the forums are just the complainers doing what they do best. It seemed fundamentally sound.


I am hoping for more keys and % up


I’d say we’re looking at possible improvements. Only getting enough keys for 1 summon paired with the still very low odds just wasn’t gonna please anyone. Looks like they’re actively trying to listen to player complaints as of late so I cautiously have high hopes.


I’m a bit sad they send costumes on hiatus instead of just repeating the old ones. There has to be a major problem/change or they wouldn’t stop costumes.

They easily could have just repeated the last quest with different featured costumes in the chamber and let use get this 1 free summon.

I agree there is a lot of room for improvements for costumes or at least a good bunch of season 1 costumes jet to be released.


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just wanted to say I am quite happy with the Tiburtus costume I got last time.

It turns Tiburtus to attack all, which is great for farming.

And it reduces defense to all enemies, which is extremely helpful in pvp. If I remember correctly, before this, Wilbur is the only 4* hero that can do this.


So when is version 26.coming??


Does it mean we still have the quest to get those keys?


Probably not, but I could see em giving us a free key or something when it comes back.

I’m disappointed, naturally, but glass-half-full positive about any changes being steps in right direction. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am disappointed - I was looking forward to this event, though I honestly think that should have zero impact on whether or not it runs. Primarily, this is frustrating because of how SGG is handling it. I think SGG is making the following missteps, which they often do in their announcements and general communication with the player pool:

  1. They are being unnecessarily stingy about information. Saying they received ‘valuable feedback’ is extremely nebulous. What, in particular, did they decide was actionable? At least it feels like they could say something about the nature of the changes. Is it about the frequency of the event, the reward structure, buffs / nerfs, new costumes, utilizing duplicates, leveling up multiple costumes, etc.

  2. Communication (I realize this isn’t really different from the first one, but it is so important and SGG is so consistently (frankly) bad at it that I think it bears a separate mention): are there actual bugs? Or did something in implementation not work the way they expected / wanted? As others have said, I don’t recall hearing about any bugs. The biggest problem seemed to be that equipping was confusing many people, but SGG took a reasonable step to solve that with an extra warning message. I am aware that many were unhappy their costume got locked in for war / tournament - is it about that? I really don’t see how telling us that would hurt SGG (not like that could be proprietary or something).

  3. Timing: this announcement seems late. Surely any important feedback they received came in three-ish weeks ago, closer to the original event. Are we really to believe they received some new feedback yesterday? To the best of my knowledge, nothing new was in beta in the last month, suggesting they were not working on any changes - is this process just starting now? That feels very last minute.

It would have been nice to get some indication about the timing of when we can expect the new event, though. Right now, that is impossible to gauge, since we know nothing about the nature of the changes they feel they need to make. Like others, I see no reason they couldn’t just trot out the same Costume Chamber event as last month (unless there was an actual problem with it - again, it didn’t seem so and SGG certainly hasn’t said there is).

It saddens me: SGG has such a loyal and ardent player base and while I have relatively few issues with SGG’s aggressive attempts to monetize that, I think they seriously err by consistently being withholding about information.

SGG’s statements are invariably terse and devoid of the information player’s are most interested in. I feel offering a little more would significantly pacify many players. Perhaps I am wrong, but SGG has never tried it and seen how it went. I really feel a statement as simple as, ‘We are removing the Costume Chamber to adjust xyz hero and add abc - we think this will take us two weeks,’ would go a long way towards engendering goodwill and also be widely accepted by the player base.


I agree it’s disappointing to not get a costume event this month.

But we can only hope that the devs have taken the recent feedback into account when they say they’ll be making some improvements. :crossed_fingers: Hopefully a few of these at least are implemented:


I think the Costume chamber RNG and number of keys will stay the same.

But COSTUME implementation in game needs improvement

According to rumors, Class quests and costumes were not tested together in a Beta

User confusion


Hah, funny enough, I waited for that chamber to open this time, since I already got the hotm and extra gems I wouldn’t mind making a 10 pull there to grab few of these costumes, they are generally very useful.

I was one of those giving negative feedback though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain much.

I guess their changes will include:

  • HotM chance from pulling
  • More ways to get keys
  • More frequent availability
  • Perhaps change to the emblem logic?

Well by cancelling the nearest one they limit the impact of running updated feature in the future (and people asking for compensation because they used to pull xyz times without chances for a HotM blablabla). That’s for the best I think. Trusting the changes will be positive to community.

Side comment is beta feedback should suffice for those cases, it’s not the first time something was allowed to public then quickly changed. Why isn’t that caught in beta? Or perhaps it is but not given enough attention…?

According to rumors, Class quests and costumes were not tested together in Beta. So it could be related to class quests ( see my post above for issues).


What complaints I’m reading (with the exception of the HotM option) still has very little to do with the costume chamber itself. It appears to be the implementation of the costumes that is the issue. Since they didn’t take that away (that I’m aware of) I don’t understand the removal of the summon. It once again hurts the non-whales of the community. F2P and very C2P players who didn’t get the dozens of summons last event don’t get the opportunity to get additional costumes in the near future. I for one am F2P and this move by SGG hurts.

Maybe taking it away was a way for SGG to not exacerbate the other issues, I don’t know. If it was, it would have been nice for them to say that.


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