Costume chamber cost same as troops

Hoping this new version turn out to be another sales flop, i want to see how many of us want the summon less costly rather then another Atlantis, or at least having such a second choice from the portal.

  • 200 gems single pull, 1600 a 10x.
  • No hero, only the costume
  • No bonus ascension chest
  • Yes HotM chance (odds adjusted to reflect the summon costs, so about 0,8% chance)

Maybe it is still possible, please vote it and share.

I for one dont mind the increase in costs because of the added things. Plus you can now get keys other then just the quest and the quest gives you enough keys for 2 pulls…if I remember correctly. So there is more availability to earn free pulls so you don’t have to use gems.

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Ideally yes

I just think unfortunately it may be too late…

Oh and I’m out of votes but will see wth i voted on so i can move one to here

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I’ve also like the increased loot of keys, so i will not propose any change on that.

Still i would like the chamber to be more gems friendly, or at least give the opportunity to choose which formula you like more.

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Nvm, still apreciated.

You have a good grasp and links to top players on the social networks.

How is it?
Did they pull?


Honestly idk but if i hear anything I’ll let ya know

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