Costume chamber changed to every other month?

Did I read this right?

Yes and you already commented in the thread dedicated to discussing it


Yes SG did change it and it’s a very bad move.

I hope that they at least understand to double the costume key rewards.

Yeah right :joy: :joy: :rofl: :roll_eyes:

But also there are many of us who essentially have all the 3-4* costumes already and are just fine seeing this portal cut back so other things can happen.


That’s where I am. I only have 3 5* costumes, but all but Melendor of the 3-4*. Costume chamber wasn’t generating a lot of excitement for me. That said, it’s invaluable for newer players, and I wouldn’t object to its being monthly still. (Not like Tavern of Legends generates much excitement with the low expectancy of good heroes.) And if ToL was alternating with the two towers, we’d at least have one month out of three without the time sink that are the towers.

Personally I’ve had excellent luck at the tavern, the 30 pull offer is one of the best in the game as well.

The towers had to be rearranged to allow for one or two more tower events to rotate in, and new format is pretty successful with the 25 level completion for those who don’t want to spend the time on it, and another 50 levels for those of us who consider it the best part of the game.

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Não aconteceu na taberna das lendas quando adicionaram a torre ninja (perdemos duas puxadas grátis), e não vai acontecer agora nas fantasias. Não admirava que para conseguir fazer as fases tivéssemos de pagar com gemas cada nível, e não esquecer que a camara das fantasias está com dificuldade adicional e cada vez mais difícil de conseguir fazer. Agora até temos de descobrir onde ela se enconde.

Google translation:

It didn’t happen in the tavern of legends when they added the ninja tower (we lost two free pulls), and it won’t happen now in the costumes. No wonder that to be able to make the levels we had to pay with gems for each level, and don’t forget that the fantasy chamber is having additional difficulty and it’s getting harder and harder to make it. Now we even have to find out where she’s hiding. :rofl:

I think this event could be placed in the same slot as Mythic Titan. They use different flag, and none of them require much time. Mythic Titan also do not have summon portal.


Agree, and there is no portal (yet) for mythic titan so there will not be a conflict in portals.