Costume Chamber availble to all level players

I know a few players starting off, and they have been getting the gift of 5 keys. Yet the costume chamber is only open for level 18 and up. There are no limits on other summons and even a level 10 player can do the costume quest. The costume chamber summoning should not be connected to player level in any way.

I’m not against beginners getting costumes but I assume the logic is this:

  • it’s easy to get confused by costumes when you’re very new to the game
  • costumes only work properly when a hero is maxxed
  • any player who maxxed a 3* is likely to be level 18 anyway

So I don’t think anyone is missing out much due to this policy


You can keep the keys. They stay in your inventory. Summon later when you’re lvl18.

I disagree. Players that are starting off also got the gift of 5 keys.
They would be able to use the 3* (or higher) hero right away - heroes that a higher level player would probably use as food.
Also, level 10-17 can do the mascarade quest, but not summon? How does that make sense?

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I agree that doesn’t make sense

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Yeah great point, if I was entry level I would want the costume portal straight away to get my hands on a 3*

Wait what? Players under level 18 can’t even use the costume chamber?

I don’t understand. They’re allowed to summon from every other portal, right?

So lemme get this straight. A day one player with a credit card can buy themselves 5* seasonal/event heroes and HotMs… but not 3* heroes with costumes? Okay. :thinking:

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