Costume bug

Please check new costumes for Oberon and Kelile. Something is missing there in special skills imho :wink:

Nothing is missing though. Those are the exact same special skills which were in beta too. :slight_smile:


For what it is worth, I too am missing costumes for heroes that I won through the Costume Event. In particular, Valen. Please look into this for me. Thank you.

There is a bug with 3* costumes. They won’t max their special and you have to feed more heroes after max xp than to get max xp. That’s definitely a bug. :rofl:

How long i have to wait for 5* 2 or 3 years???

Well, they are currently sold out, will be back in around 2 years but there are so many orders in backline that Iam afraid it could take another year to handle your order.

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I did 2 pulls from the January 2021 costume chamber. I received Graymane and Renfeld. I did not receive a costume with either hero.

Screenshots of your costume pulls can be useful to determine if you got them or not.
You can always go to menu -> options -> recent activity and scroll back to check your summons. You can go back up to 5 days of your recent activity.
Also you can check if you own those costumes by going to your inventory-> costumes.

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The little mask icon in grey that first appears should be a giveaway…

They don’t come pre-costumed. You have to activate the costume first.

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