Costume bug (Valen)?

maybe I don’t understand it properly but I have the following situation:
(1) I have 2x Valen, one is at +20 in the talent grid, the 2nd is at 3/50, no talent grid.
(2) I have one costume for Valen, a 2nd one I fed to the first one. The costume is at 1/27.
(3) if I equip my first Valen with it, the costume appears at 1/1
(4) If I equip my 2nd Valen with it, it appears at 1/27

Shouldn’t it be the same???

Each copies of your Valen needs to level his own costumes separately. Costume progresses aren’t shared.


Each copy of your costume needs to be individually leveled up.


As above.

Answered in detail on this thread (along with many other frequent questions about costumes),.

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Thanks everybody … means I leveled up the wrong custom :frowning:

And this is exactly why I put the heroes I’m leveling in Team 1, so they are at the top of the selection. I got tired of realizing I’d fed the wrong dupe… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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