Costume bonus?

Hello, my heroes suddenly lack the costume bonus. Why is that? Please answer

If you have levelled the costumes up then you’ll get the bonus

Please provide screenshots of your heroes to help show the problem.

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Anyway, it may be because you are viewing a different hero card, also maxed, but its costume version is not leveled or maxed. Moreover, the costume bonus is automatically added to their stats. You will notice the difference by comparing such hero with that same hero viewable from the portals.

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Nein der Kostüm Bonus ist nicht mehr da da seh ich an der Stärke der Helden und nein ich bräuchte das Kostüm bisher nicht fertig haben um den Bonus zu bekommen.

Courtesy of google translate:

No the costume bonus is no longer there because I can see the strength of the heroes and no I don’t need to have finished the costume to get the bonus.

I’m confused. To get any costume bonus, you have to ascend the costume to at least level 2 or higher. If a costume bonus applies to a hero, the masquerade mask icon on the Hero card will glow yellow. I hope you are remembering to lock your hero cards.

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the same goes for me, four costume summons I gave four 3* no bonus☹️

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