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I’m currently working on a 5 unique hero grimforest family defense and I noticed an issue with snow white costume. She is currently maxed emblems (shield path) and limit broken putting her stats at 924 att 912 D 1740 HP the only shield I skipped was a double points(worth 24) I took mana boost which would have yielded her a max of 936 D and her regular outfit has a D of 960. This was not a concern because I figured that an extra 5% to her D would put around the same about 958. Then when I add 912 a max defensive troop at +25% it brings her D to 1140 which I see and is accurate then adding an extra 20% to 1140 for the family bonus which is posted above the 1140 in green is +228 which totals 1368 that is also correct but it doesn’t figure in the 5% D on the costume bonus. So I question if any of the costume percentages are actually being applied. I only checked this through snow white it could be one character maybe all, but I just wanted to mention in case it was a faulty issue. Thank you NVRNV

So, I think the bonuses all apply to base stat of 912, the %s added together

912 + (912×(.05+.25+.2)) = totdef
912 + (912×.5) = totdef
912 + 456 = totdef
1368 = total defense with all bonuses


Yes. All boosts are to base stats.

Not boost already boosted stats.

Limit breaking pushes base stats up, creating a new level of base stats.

Ty zed for taking a peek at this it didn’t seem right to me, but seeing it in your formula it definitely looks correct. Appreciate it

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