Costume Bonus Reduction for White Rabbit - intended or a bug?

After fully levelling White Rabbit and its costume, I noticed that the costume bonus is much less than usual.

Normally (for all my other heroes, as far as I can tell) a fully leveled costume yields a bonus of
5% Attack, 5% Defence, 10% Health and 5% Mana. For White Rabbit however it’s only 3% Attack, 3% Defence, 6% Health and 1% Mana bonus added.

Have you noticed that for some other heros? Which heroes are affected by it?

Is this reduction intentional or a bug?

Only S1 costumes have those 5/5/10/5 bonuses

Costume Victor has even lower bonuses

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Not a bug… Did you check his card in the summon portal? – this card shows the stats for the maxed hero.

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Topic about costume bonus perctentages:

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