Costume bonus for multiple heroes

I have two banes (fully leveled) and two bane costumes (one fully leveled and one unleveled acquired recently)

For some reason only my first bane gets costume bonus and other one doesn’t. I was under the impression that you only need one copy of fully level costume and it’s bonus would extend to all heroes. I think this area can use a bit of clarification

Tap the little white arrow on the bane not showing any bonuses and level the costume for him.

Each hero needs to be trained in using the costume. Therefore, maxing the costume for each hero is required.


You mean I have to feed the costume again? I thought it was a one time thing

You have to feed the costume for each hero you use them on.


That is quite an elegant way of putting it.


You need to train each hero in using the costume. Think of it that way.

Got 5 banes and you want the bonuses for all of them? You need to level the costume for each bane.

I didnt come up with the explanation originally, but I’ve stolen it for my own selfish purposes.:grin:


Aah, the Thomas Edison school of invention :+1:


Yeah that’s the impression I had…idk how I got that false impression. In my mind I thought costumes are like hero cards, and since you only need one copy of costume you only had to level it once like levelling a hero card. I thought of them as separate entity and not as an extension of hero card.

Pretty sure that’s the first time it was explained in that fashion. I could be wrong. @lexinen gets the credit.

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