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After receiving Lianna’s costume, the “Costume Bonus” badge is displayed for all Lianns of other players, even if they don’t have this costume. Checked on members of my alliance who do not have Lianna’s costume.

Sorry, mis-read something in this.

Doesn’t seem like a bug really as it’s not granting any costume bonus to the hero, just advertising that there COULD be a bonus for that hero.

I believe that ALL the hero cards who now have a hero in circulation are updated to show that. The default tho is 0-0-0-0 which is in line with 1st (or apparently 0th) ascention on the costume.

Check these two threads about the costume bonus :slight_smile:

FAQ #12:

Levelling up a costume:

That would be cool, if the whole ally could wear a single maxed costume.

I do not think this is correct. It will display that icon as gray if there is an unascended costume available for that hero, in that players account. It turns gold if there is a costume ascended and providing bonuses for that hero. See my Joon with 1 ascension. This is viewing the war team from my alternate account.

Why then, if I don’t have a Joon’s costume and the other Joons of other players do not have a costume bonus badge?

No you are right. When logged in to my main account, with a joon costume, ALL Joons show the badge. On alternate they do not. Weird.

Having the costume but not ascended will result in grey.

If ascended even once will be gold.

No costume = no mask logo

Yes but if u have the costume, other players hero have the icon, greyed out

I see. So if you own a costume, all other players cards show that they also own the same costume unleveled, even though they don’t actually own it. Sounds like a bug.

If someone misunderstood me:
I meant viewing the defense teams of other players.
If in the defense team of another player there is a hero without costume in inventory, then why should he show the badge?


20 chars…

Maybe its like the Harpoons thing? Originally (not sure if its still the case) you can’t see the Harpoon Progress Bar on titans until you’re able to fabricate Harpoons?

Definitely sounds tho like it could be a bug…

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