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I got the Brienne costume today. As it is the best I got I decided to max it. I selected the new copy of Brienne I got with the costume, then the costume itself and brought it to level 30. Then I wanted to ascend it, but the system wouldn’t let me because the costume can’t be higher ascension tier than the hero. So I selected my old maxed Brienne and tried to ascend the costume there. However, here the costume is level 1 again. How do I get my level 30 costume to my maxed Brienne? Feed the virgin copy of Brienne first to free the costume? Actually I wanted to feed the Brienne copy to the costume…

Hi @mperorL

The costumes work on both heroes however you need to level both individually if you want to keep both heroes costumed.

If you equip the one hero, you can feed the extra costume however, ensure that it is not the maxed costume you are feeding away.

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This is not exactly my problem. I don’t want to keep the second (unmaxed) Brienne. And I only got the costume once, and I want my old maxed Brienne to wear it so I can max it too.

It should work if you feed the new Brienne to the maxed hero and then equip the costume.

I just did exactly this. Doh!


Good to know, thanks, but not a smooth solution either. It’s a waste of XP I could get for the blank copy of Brienne.

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Actually, it’s not a solution at all. I can’t feed the new Brienne because the system says she’s got a costume on and I’d lose it by using her as feeder. But I didn’t equip it, she’s ‘equipped’ her normal attire.

There’s at least one other thread on the same topic. Feel free to merge or close this one. So there is an explanation for this issue, but not a solution. I think it’s something that needs fixing to avoid disappointment.

@mperorL have a look at this thread.

Note it specifically says in game tooltip that:

  1. What you summoned was a costume PATTERN
  2. One patter can be used to make a costume for every hero
  3. each costume must be levelled individually


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