Costume azlar using normal azlar burn

something odd happened where I triggered costumed azlar but the dot damage was that of the normal azlar.

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Did it last that long (6 turns) for just 65 per turn or did they just forget to change the text?

That looks a lot like it would be Marjana’s Burn, not Azlar’s — I only see an icon on Ursena, not the enemy Marjana, and Azlar would have hit Marjana and Telluria if aimed at Ursena.

And the amount is quite plausible for Marjana too, seemingly after 2 turns have passed, and 4 are left.

Marjana’s Mana is also empty in your screenshots, while Azlar’s is nearly full.

Are you sure you fired Azlar, and not Marjana?


@zephyr1 but Azlar’s buff is undispellable, should this burn be stronger (I mean than Marjana should not overwrite Azlar’s burn) than Marjana’s?

I see no evidence in the screenshots that Azlar has been fired at all, nor that his Burn is active on any targets.

So I don’t see it being relevant at the moment.

It would only make sense to consider the relevance of this if other enemies had Burn on them as well, indicating Azlar’s Burn effect was active at all.


@zephyr1 your explanation would make more sense than there being a bug. I’m pretty sure I fired azlar, that said, if the bug doesnt recur than you’re probably right.

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You could contact Support to ask them to investigate this particular battle. They’ll just need the exact time.

They’d be able to confirm whether Marjana was fired instead of Azlar, as it appears, or whether it was indeed Azlar with a bug.

Otherwise you could wait to see if you see a similar issue again, as you suggested.

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To add to zephyr’s theory Marjana still has full health while Ursena is almost dead, so you most likely didn’t fire Azlar unless there’s a major bug which i doubt

In the first screenshot azlar has nearly full mana while marjana has no mana.
Due to the fact that only one of your opponents got the DoT (Telly is hidden) obviously you see the DoT of marjana.

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