Costume Alasie is so overpowered and the solution is nerf C Krampus!

If not nerf Krampus again I am gonna request increase his buff to 4 turns to be equal with other taunt and not be under Shrubbear even!!
Kara 4 turns
C Black Knight 4 turns
Shrubbear 4 turns
Ludwig …
Before Krampus advantage was minion that u destroyed them to hell took that minions and increase his duration.
Can U explain why Krampus must have less buff duration between all taunt heros? Really I need to know. Thanks

I am utterly confused as to how c Alasie has anything to do with all this.


Just mash the tiles. If a hero is too good on defense, it will eventually get nerphed. Just after its latest summons gate has closed.

C. Alasie usually works in pairs, I’ve even seen both LB+20… that says enough about how good a hero is. Krampus is… meh, at best.

This is a “buff C Krampus” thread but what SGG will do is to turn C Alasie into a barbarian :rofl:

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Or give her taunt for some reason (still trying to figure out the connection between her and the c Krampus nerf :joy: ).

I have c Alassie, and Krampus, thought this thread q was about Alassie, so now I’m totally confused, can’t vote feel like a couple more minutes of my life has been taken lol

Heroes SG WILL nerf if they are too common:

  • Epic heroes (4 stars)
  • Recently released HotMs
  • Heroes from Seasonal portals you can get for golden tokens

Heroes SG will NEVER nerf:

  • Any other OP legendary hero/costume that is pretty much unavailable to mere mortals without spending four-digit number on a single portal

Now let me see where C Alasie belongs and where C Krampus belongs …


Do people really spend thousands of dollars to chase a particular hero? I’m just curious how much money people really do spend in this game.

It’s pretty interesting when you look at the segmentation.

Some people do indeed spend the rent money to chase heroes. Others are just wealthy and it’s water to them. Then you have the F2P/VC2P grinders and the casual spenders.

There’s no set response in relation to the groups but I do tend to find the most vocal are they ones who spent the rent money and the grinders who got them for free/cheap.

The people who spend over budgets get the twin regrets of that + a now nerfed hero. So not only are they struggling financially this month but the object they did that for has changed. It’s going to be painful I guess.

Then the grinders who either got lucky or saved up for ages because they finally get some good luck and the hero they got is broken and needs to be fixed.

I’m not in either of those camps so I don’t have the impulse issues to chase or the F2P level summons. So I get a hero and just assume it will be nerfed/buffed as SGG see fit. I have several casualties from nerfs sat in the pile (and a big win in Kalo, he’s not suffered really yet)

C.Krampus was a design issue right from the start. Shouldn’t have been a rogue (and shouldn’t be a Barbarian either in truth). But the changes were pretty inevitable when you factored in the buffed family bonuses as well. At least base Krampus is still perfectly useable and benefits from the costume bonus. Some heroes haven’t been so lucky (you know who they are….)

Not sure it answers the question but when reading nerf threads you can usually pick which of the 2 main groups they fall in…

I agree with your statement and it’s generally what I see on here and other reddit forums. When Kalo came out, it was pretty obvious he was going to get Nerfed so I got him and never leveled him. I was waiting to see how bad the nerf will be. He’s actually still at 1x1. I think people should use some common sense, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

On the spending issue, people can spend whatever they want, I guess I’m just being nosey and want to know. I for one will never spend that much money chasing a hero but I am a C2P and have definitely spent more than I thought I ever would in this game. From a $ spent to time spent on the game, I think it’s a good investment and to me it’s a hobby. If I were to take up something else, it would also cost money too.

Nerf threads are tough enough to swallow but there’s just too much going on with the OP that I’m totally lost.