Costs of training a legendary hero?

I’m sorry, didn’t find an answer…

Can someone tell me how much time and ressources are needed to train a legendary hero within training camp lvl20?

It’s 300k food.


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But how long does it take to train at level 20 training camp?

But dont forget it is just a small chance to train a 5* and you will wait for a week to see the result. Most time you will end up with a 3* and 4* if you are lucky.

Trust me I know all about this. Went 0/64 on Elite training and that was 2 days each which really sucked. Can’t image having to wait a whole week to get a 3* card.

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I’m not at that level so I don’t know how many days, but more than 2 days no doubt.

I’ve heard the time quoted at 1 week per hero trained. Coppersky still has it listed as ?, so I will say “officially unknown”.

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I heard 1 week as well, but that is a very long time to wait for a 3* card. I am sure the odds will be the same as anything else in this game 1-2% chance. Could wait years to get a 5* card from there.

The actual training of Legendary training for chance of epic & legendary heroes takes 1 sharpening stone, 297 K food, 100 recruits and 2 days training.
The information about a week is for building level 20 training and another week for researching the training camp which requires about 1331K in food

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Thanks Smore. 2 days isn’t too bad I guess.

Do you know if the rates are similar to the elite training in getting a 4* and 5* card. I am assuming to get a 5* card chances are like winning the powerball.

Yes pretty similar to odds to elite training or powerball.


Thanks for the info! I was actually dreading Legendary! Lol

your welcome
by the time you have SH 20, you get 4 training grounds, so having one on a 2 day train for legendary is not bad, the other ones I have on elite, advanced color and keep one for fast and low cost training when i need it.

I am at SH17, but from my calculations I still need 65+ days to get to SH 20 as well as my first level 20 TC. Someone said it took around 6-8 months to get to SH20 was not joking…lol.

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6 to 8 months seems like a short estimate. If you do not burn gems on speeding up the builds I would bet even more time than that. :grin:

Nooooooooooo! :sob: Ratsicles…

it just depends on what you decide to level first. I gave priority to my iron, iron storage and strongholds. I only trained something else if i really thought i needed it. if your the type of person that needs every building to the be leveled to strong hold level before you upgrade your stronghold… it will take you much longer. Took me about 6 months to get my first level 20 training grounds up and running.Now i am just upgrading whatever I need most of that week. I was fortunate to get training to level 20 before the barracks were implemented and ate up a lot of food; so that was a bit of a time saver.


Great point. If you ignore the farms, food storage, and Forges that will save you a lot of time.

But I LIKE ham! :laughing:

Thx for all your answers and thoughts :slight_smile:

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