Cost to high

I find the cost of leveling troops a little excessive.
To get a purple 4* up 1 level cost 3* x1 troop + 2*x 3 troops and 110000 food and that’s the cheapest. We all asked for something to do with our useless troops, I guess the moral of the story is be careful of what you ask for!!!


Why are you in such a hurry to max out your troops. The update has been out for one week. Say you do max them, in a month you’ll be complaining that there’s not enough content.

What will you do with your spare troops when the 4* ones are maxed out.

Also with a stronghold level 11, and 7 farms at level 10. You make 220 000 Food in 14 hours. So upgrade your stronghold if the food is a problem. Yes it takes some time, but everything in this game (heck in most mobile games) is a grind. I don’t know why you expect other wise. For one part its a big part in the success of the companies income. People buying in game currencies because waiting is hard now a days.


Who said anything about maxing out troops all I was saying was the cost is high just like everything else in this game,

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No one said it but you implied it.

The entire premise of the barracks is to increase your troops level, to ultimately max it. By suggesting that the cost is to high and a reduction in such cost should be taken into effect, entails that you think the process is too long. Either by the time it takes to gather the extra troops, to farm the food required in the troop leveling up process or managing said resources with other task needed to do around your castle. (Mine upgrades, watchtower upgrades, heroes training and leveling.) Reducing any of these amount needed automatically reduces the time needed to get a level 1 Troop to a Level Max troop.

So I ask you, what would you propose as better ratios for food and experience ratios. (40, 90, 200 exp for 1, 2 and 3* troops).

I’ll just leave this thought here:

This game is so good only because it is so hard

I must disagree with this. When I first started, the game was insanely fun for the first week or so. I was able to battle, and progress, and it wasn’t “hard” or frustrating. Then the game became progressively more difficult, very long build times, and less and less fun. I basically hit a point where the only thing I could do was farm, and farm and farm some more. There is a point where the “payment barrier” is hit. This is the point in which the game stops being fun (deliberately crafted by the developers) and you feel compelled to spend money to get back which used to be a very fun experience. The only problem is, this amount is way to high for the average person.

Say you’ll get your Sturdy Shields within a week and 4* heros from the trainings with 20% chance. What then? Currently, this grind, with or without money, is the end-game. There is nothing to this game if you get 5x5* fully ascended heros and you’ll just move on to the next game. So why rush that goal?

It is fun in the beginning, but only the fittest will stay to find even bigger enjoyment from the “end game”/grind. Just imagine getting the ascension item you have been waiting for months and finally ascending that hero :nerd:

…or an awesome update comes that alleviates the grind :tada:

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eventually even grinding becomes boring to the point that people will ditch playing the game and not want to wait months to get that one thing they have been waiting for.

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Wow, I guess you found the perfect game for you then!

Grinding for months just to get an ascension item really isn’t fun for me. Getting past the grind is one of the motivating factors the devs rely on for money spend. However, it takes a whole lot of money to impact game-play in any positive way.

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