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Are the developers creating too many new heroes? With a new cash deal being offered each day, should they GUARANTEE 5* heroes after a certain point? Are they phasing out season 1, 2…etc heroes that people worked so hard to aquire and level?

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what u consider strong heroes right now will become weak in the future. that’s the game is designed. no way SG will create weaker heroes compared to now in upcoming newly designed heroes.

if u want to keep relevant of course you need tokeep throwing out money to get new shiny shimmering splendid heroes.

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that doesn’t mean they don’t have an obligation to come to a consensus between the players/developers. They shouldn’t have players work work work to max characters. then release new ones that make old irrelevant after all they’ve spent and worked to build. Then guarantee the players certain characters for the future. ie retrain…GUARANTEE. not 1% chances.

the reason games become stale, stagnant. and eventually die is because it reaches a point where people have to shell out rediculos-o amounts of cash to keep up. Now, I’f that’s the developers ONLY concern, then that’s EXACTLY what will happen. But if you want to keep veteran players engaged, you have to offer incentive that is worth it. A path for that would be to trade in old heroes to guarantee certain new ones.


let’s say you have 10 Alfrikes. The amount of time. money, and effort invested on your part to aquire that, warrants you to be able to trade in say 3 of them, and pick a new hero of your choosing.

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