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Are the developers creating too many new heroes? With a new cash deal being offered each day, should they GUARANTEE 5* heroes after a certain point? Are they phasing out season 1, 2…etc heroes that people worked so hard to aquire and level?


what u consider strong heroes right now will become weak in the future. that’s the game is designed. no way SG will create weaker heroes compared to now in upcoming newly designed heroes.

if u want to keep relevant of course you need tokeep throwing out money to get new shiny shimmering splendid heroes.


that doesn’t mean they don’t have an obligation to come to a consensus between the players/developers. They shouldn’t have players work work work to max characters. then release new ones that make old irrelevant after all they’ve spent and worked to build. Then guarantee the players certain characters for the future. ie retrain…GUARANTEE. not 1% chances.

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the reason games become stale, stagnant. and eventually die is because it reaches a point where people have to shell out rediculos-o amounts of cash to keep up. Now, I’f that’s the developers ONLY concern, then that’s EXACTLY what will happen. But if you want to keep veteran players engaged, you have to offer incentive that is worth it. A path for that would be to trade in old heroes to guarantee certain new ones.


let’s say you have 10 Alfrikes. The amount of time. money, and effort invested on your part to aquire that, warrants you to be able to trade in say 3 of them, and pick a new hero of your choosing.

Estoy molesto, porque hice 16 invocaciones de Valhalla y no me dió ni siquiera un héroe de 5*, peor ni el héroe del mes, así desmotivan jugar

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I’m new to this game if anyone has any advice they want to share to me that would be great

Dont expect anything.

Don’t listen to negativity…

Find an active training alliance by making yourself known in Alliance Recruitment chat channel in game.

There is also a recruitment section in this forum if you scroll down.

Best of luck!

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What particular advice are you seeking?


Level up your 3* heroes first to give yourself a solid first team choice in order to gain resources for those eventual 4* and 5*. The first hero of a higher * level can help you build future teams around to progress further in the story map stages.

Keep hero summons expectations in check. The odds are posted, and those 5* heroes can be very elusive even for those who spend money on gems to summon. Due to the ‘gacha’ system there are no guaranteed 4* or 5* heroes except for very specific tokens. If you don’t intend to spend money, there are suggestions to save gems for a 10-pull (there’s a small discount). Ideally you save those gems for newer hero portals.

If you do intend to spend a bit, VIP is a solid purchase. An extra builder will help you upgrade buildings faster. Do not ignore storage buildings; they aren’t glamorous but they are essential. Ideally, you’d want to unlock Hero Academy level 10 as early as possible. I would ignore Path of Valor for now until you see where you are with the game and progress.

Find a good fitting alliance (as EatMyFace suggests) to make progress. Titans are a good source of loot, though at times underwhelming. Your team mates can aid and support you further.

With titans, hit the weak spot (or as close to it as possible) and try to survive. Arrows are very handy.

Don’t worry about raid trophies.

Like all other match-3 puzzle games the boards are random. This randomness permeates the entirety of the game including hero summons (to much annoyance for many), and even loot drops.

Most importantly: Have fun! :smile:
If the game is no longer fun for you, drop it and find something else which is fun.

I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’ve missed… A couple of threads which may be of interest:


Be patient with the game. Build up a good base of heroes. Start with your 3* heroes, but build up your 2* to start the game.

Don’t…I repeat…Don’t get too caught up with the glitzy 5*. Those will be for later. I made that mistake, and it has taken me awhile to correct it.

Start slowly, and pace yourself. This game is a marathon. If you start fast and aim for the 5*, you will get tired real quick and be disappointed.

Find a good alliance to start with, if you haven’t done so already. Be sure to find an active one that hits titans and participates in wars. Win or lose, you will get some great gifts to help your progress. If you want, you can check out Alternate Reality.

Main thing, have fun. There will be disappointments, but there will also be lots of fun to be had. Good luck!

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This thread began 10 months ago with the OP asking for no new heroes. Today, we will be seeing 5 new heroes, on top of the new set from Season 5, a new seasonal event group, a new tower (Clash of Kings), a new thing (War of 3 Kingdoms), and a bunch more that came out after October 2021. I think we’ve had more new heroes be introduced during that time, than we did prior to September 2021.

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Anche io penso che sia giusto che gli eroi che uno paga per avere li deve avere giusti ciao n percentuali molto più alte! Perché è troppo Random! Non è giusto che in game,come in questo caso purtroppo a me,mi dà più eroi gialli,blu,verdi e pochissimi viola e rossi 5 stelle! Facendo in questa maniera sbagliata,mi sballa tutti i Dek degli elementi eroi facendomi penalizzare in War! Mi sa che prima o poi abbandono sto gioco! Perché è davvero frustrante e Random! Mi sento davvero sfortunato,a differenza di tanti altri players che prendono regolarmente tutti gli eroi con sequenza giusta!!!

I know you guys (developers) are trying to make a profit, but… Every now and then you gotta throw us a bone to keep us motivated or to reward our loyalty. I have a suggestion that it may have already been made, but here goes nothing.

Due to a single material most of the players have AT LEAST one hero we’ve been trying to level up for weeks, sometimes months… Hell, even a year or more. I can tell y’all first hand its very frustrating. It makes you want to stop uninstall the game and forget it ever existed.

Make it so that alliance members can trade materials to help each other level up heroes and advance the game play.

Too easy, you might say…

Okay then, how about make materials available for purchase… WAIT! Let the players PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH MATERIALS THEY NEED and allow them to be purchased as single units or maybe specific packs. Enough of the rubbish random stuff we get, even when we purchase. Give players the option.

Hope y’all at least read this and discuss it. Thank you


Recently they have had that “choose your ascension” that originally gave one mat of choice, and now gives 3, I think. That comes every month or so.

El juego es una estafa. No dan nada bueno. Antes salía algo, pero ahora todo basura, ni aunque gastes un poco de dinero de vez en cuando.

A ver si aprenden de otros juegos.


I need 20 characters… :thinking:

Cost of game: Zero.
Guaranteed heroes: Yes.
Guaranteed heroes you want: 0%.

That should do it. :laughing: